Collection: RevoRing Series

FAQs for The Adjustable Filter RevoRing by H&Y

Why Choose RevoRing Series Filters?

What makes RevoRing Series unique?

The RevoRing Series features an innovative adjustable blade mechanism developed with high-precision CNC technology, allowing one RevoRing to replace multiple step-up rings. This ensures a perfect fit for various lens sizes, from 37-49mm to 82-95mm.

What are the benefits of using RevoRing adjustable filter?

The RevoRing's adjustable design offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility, eliminating the need for multiple step-up rings and making it easy to attach and switch filters. It supports both ND and CPL filters, enhancing creative control over exposure and glare reduction.

Do RevoRing filters require any additional adaptor or can I use them straight away?

RevoRing filters do not require any additional adaptor. They are designed to be used straight away, fitting seamlessly onto your lens.

How do RevoRing series enhance my photography?

RevoRing filters improve your photography by providing precise control over light and glare, allowing for better exposure management and enhanced image quality. The ability to quickly adjust and switch filters without hassle ensures you can capture the perfect shot in any condition.

Are RevoRing series easy to use?

Yes, the RevoRing series is user-friendly. Its adjustable mechanism allows for quick and easy attachment to various lens sizes, making filter changes swift and efficient, especially in dynamic shooting environments.

How to Use RevoRing Filter?

How do I attach RevoRing series filter to my lens?

Simply expand the RevoRing to fit your lens thread size, then tighten it for a secure fit. This adjustable mechanism allows for a snug and reliable attachment.

What steps should I follow to use RevoRing Filter?

  1. Adjust the RevoRing to match your lens thread size.
  2. Attach the RevoRing to your lens by expanding and tightening it.
  3. Attach your desired filter (ND or CPL) to the RevoRing.

What is the advantage of using RevoRing instead of a Step-Up Ring?

The RevoRing eliminates the need for multiple step-up rings, offering a one-size-fits-all solution. This reduces the hassle of carrying multiple rings and allows for quick and efficient filter changes, enhancing your shooting workflow.