H&Y Filter ND4/8/16/400 Magnetic Clip-on Filter For RevoRing VND&CPL

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H&Y Filter ND4/8/16/400  Magnetic Clip-on Filter For RevoRing VND&CPL

Ideal for use in reducing overexposed scenes, as well as long exposure to add movement in an image
Density choices include ND 4 (2 stops), ND8 (3 stops), ND16 (4 stops) and ND400 (8.5 stops)
95mm diameter and 2mm thick glass
Includes pre-installed magnetic frame for use with any REVORING with built-in filters
Double-sided 9 layer coating featuring anti-fingerprint and water-repellent technology
Effortlessly stack multiple Clip-on filters for increased effect
ALL Magnetic Clip-on filter is NOT compatible with Revoring Varieble Step Adapter.

H&Y REVORING | ND Magnetic Clip-on Filter

H&Y Magnetic ND Clip-on Filter is designed as a cross-polarization cure for wide or ultra-wide angle lenses. Cross polarization is a physical phenomenon on VND filters. While some VND designs will give a smaller range of ND stops to prevent it from happening, H&Y had decided to keep the vast ND range of REVORING with VND&CPL, offering full coverage up to 10-stop for users of telephoto or medium-telephoto lenses. 4 Grades (ND4,8,16,400) are available for 3 sizes of REVORING (46-62mm,58-77mm, 67-82mm and 82mm-95mm)

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