H&Y Variable ND CPL Filter Magnetic Black Mist Filter

Review | H&Y Variable ND CPL Filter + Magnetic Black Mist Filter

BY : H&YFilter

In the daily shooting, photographers will carry a lot of photographic accessories in order to pursue a better picture effect, of course, the filter is also an essential accessory for shooting, common filters include ND scrimshaw, CPL polarizer, etc. What are the roles of these filters in shooting?

As we all know, the main role of the ND mirror is to reduce the amount of light into the camera, to provide conditions for shooting long exposure images, many photographers will use ND to shoot slow shuttered photos such as brushed water.

Similarly, in the shooting of video when the ND light reducing lens will often be used, such as in the light of the big day shooting video, both want to use a large aperture, but also want to accurately control the shutter speed, you need to control the exposure through the ND light reducing lens, not only to ensure that the picture of the natural dynamic blur, but also to ensure that the shallow depth of field, will make the picture more sense of hierarchy.

The main function of the polarizer is that it can eliminate the reflected light from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water, enhance the color saturation and restore the real texture of the picture.

When shooting in a car, in order to prevent car window glass reflection, by adjusting the CPL polarizer can filter the reflected light from the car glass surface, which can make the picture more transparent!

What is the effect of combining an ND scrim with a CPL polarizer, and how does it work in automotive video shooting? Today I would like to share with you the HY RevoRing nd+cpl filter, or "3 in 1 filter", which I have been using to shoot short videos recently, and I really love it!

This filter is the limit adjustable ND + CPL polarizer + adjustable ring into one innovative 3-in-1 filter, you can turn the lever to use nd or cpl filters alone, the aperture of the adjustable design greatly improves the shooting efficiency!

I chose this filter caliber is 67-82mm, because the more commonly used is 24, 50, 70-200 lenses are within this caliber range;.

This three-in-one filter with a rotating telescopic slot design, which allows the caliber adjustable, only one filter can cover the lens group, when buying you can choose according to their own lens caliber.

Meanwhile, if you want to add a softer look to your images during video shooting, you can pair the 3-in-1 filter with the Magnetic Black Soft filter to add some ambiance to the highlights of your images.


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