Recommend | Use H&Y Black Mist Filter To Capture The Spring

Recommend | Use H&Y Black Mist Filter To Capture The Spring

BY : H&YFilter

I was honored to have the opportunity to experience H&Y's Magnetic Black Filter, which I brought with me to Wuhan in March, when "the cherry blossoms are in full bloom", and I took a lot of portraits and landscapes on the campus of Wuhan University.

The magnet-to-magnet design of this black mist filter is very user-friendly, and it is extremely easy to install and remove. Simply fix the magnetic ring in front of the lens, and then gently attach the black filter to it, the whole process does not need the tedious twisting and disassembling of traditional filters, which greatly improves my shooting efficiency. Nice camera lens filter 

Next, let's enjoy the beauty of spring captured by H&Y black mist filter 

At the end of the month in Wuhan, the freezing rain has stopped, but the spring cold is still cold, after days of rain, finally ushered in a bright weekend, I went to the Jiefang Park on Jiefang Avenue in Hankou's Jiangshan District, carrying H&Y magnetic lens filter Black & White Promist filter to shoot the first set of portraits. The sunlight at 3pm was a bit tough, but with the help of the Black & Soft filter, the sunlight on the model's face became soft and warm, adding a touch of winter warmth to the whole picture.

At this time, Wuhan University's Tsubaki Hanzakura (pink early cherry blossoms) budding, shyly waiting for the call of spring, but the camellia of the Lover's Slope is quietly open, it avoids the raging crowds, blooming alone in the quiet, low-key revealed a different kind of splendor.

"Camellia quietly put to avoid the crowds, gorgeous low-key from the enchanting." In the corner of this camellia blooming, I hold a black soft filter, began the creation of the second group of portraits, under the lens, camellia flowers and characters reflect each other, constituting a romantic and beautiful picture.

A week later, the early cherry blossoms in front of Wuhan University's five departments of arts and sciences opened one after another, and when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and reflecting the sun, I shot the first set of portraits for the 2024 cherry blossom season of Wuhan University on another sunny weekend with a black soft filter equipped with an 85mm prime portrait focal length.

However, it is hard to have both cherry blossoms and sunny days, even if there is no sunshine, we can't stop our pursuit and love for spring, so I set up a booth under the cherry blossom tree with my buddies from the Photography Association and enthusiastically took cherry blossom photos for alumni and tourists who came to visit the school. During the shooting process, the black soft filter played an indispensable role, which skillfully avoided the gloomy picture problem that might occur when shooting on a cloudy day.



 "She said that the magnolias will bloom in March, and the long slope of despair will remain." In order to avoid the crowds of tourists, my partner and I also made a special trip to the West 12th Teaching Building of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) to visit the famous magnolia classroom. As the shooting environment was backlit from an indoor angle, I used the Black mist filter to avoid overexposure and to some extent retained the details of the magnolia background outside the window.

In late March, the early cherry blossoms of Wada have quietly come to an end, followed by the white Japanese cherry blossoms which bloomed like a poem like a picture overnight. Different from the previous early cherry blossoms, the second batch of cherry blossoms opened in a more decentralized area, which were dotted in Kunpeng Square, Cherry Blossom Avenue, behind the Yifu Building, beside the Administration Building and in front of the Wanlin Museum, which added a bit of romance and poetry to the campus.

At this time, the reservation channel of the school is open, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. In such a busy scene, the telephoto lens becomes an excellent choice for taking half-body close-ups of people. It can perfectly blend the characters with the cherry blossom background, while effectively reducing environmental interference and highlighting the characters' demeanor and emotions.


During the shooting process, the addition of the Black Soft Filter adds a bit of haze and mood to the picture. It makes the picture clear and sharp while adding a touch of softness and vitality, making each photo seem to tell the story of spring.

In addition to capturing portraits, I also recorded the quiet corners and landmarks of the campus when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom with the help of the Black & White filter. Everywhere in Wuhan University carries the romance and poetry of spring, and the soft effect of the Black & White Promist filter adds a bit of hazy beauty to the images.

Now, it's the end of March, and the cherry blossom season at Wuhan University has come to an end in a hurry due to the strong convective weather. Looking back on this month, H&Y's Black Promist filter has accompanied me in shooting many portraits, allowing me to explore new shooting techniques and accumulate experience in practice.

I'm looking forward to working with H&Y filters to explore more creative subjects, so that the story of spring can be passed on forever through our lenses. H&Y is best lens filter brand.


This content creation from: Photographer Zhang Jia Heng