H&Y Short 4X Cross Filter Great Tool For Photographing Fireworks

H&Y Short 4X Cross Filter Great Tool For Photographing Fireworks

H&Y HD Short 4X Cross Filter, literally understood, seems to show its light in the form of dots of radiation whenever it encounters a luminous body.

The magic of this filter is that it can transform an ordinary light source into a starry effect, as if holding the stars in the sky in your hands, adding a strong sense of atmosphere to the photography.

For portrait photography, starburst mirror is almost every photographer's essential tool, especially when shooting portraits plus fireworks or shiny costumes can get buf plus!!!!

Especially when shooting portraits combined with fireworks or sparkling costumes, it can bring a unique charm to the picture, as if adding a layer of mysterious filter to the work.

With the comparison images taken above, we can clearly see the changes brought about by the asterisk lens. The image on the right shows an untreated point light source simply rendered, while the effect becomes especially noticeable with the addition of the asterisk mirror on the left.

This time I used a four-line asterisk lens, which produces four clear asterisks in response to the light. Not only that, there is also a six-line asterisk mirror that can produce the effect of six-pointed stars, further enriching the picture's level and sense of movement.

It's worth mentioning that I used HY's Starmount lens this time. This magnetic filter is not only easy to disassemble, but also equipped with an adapter ring, which makes it easy to transfer the 82mm caliber to a 77mm caliber lens, which greatly improves its usefulness.

The choice of shutter speed is especially critical when shooting. Due to the fast release of fireworks, in order to capture the point light source, it is recommended to set the shutter speed at about 1/160 second and increase the sensitivity appropriately to achieve the best starburst effect.

It's worth noting that fireworks are bright enough on their own, so there's usually no need to use fill-in lights - just adjust your camera settings to take full advantage of the fireworks' brightness!

When you see those starburst effects spread over the whole picture, aren't you also deeply attracted by that sense of movement and mystery? It seems to be able to convey distinctive emotions, making you feel as if you are in a world full of fantasy and romance.

So, if you also want to add this unique charm to your photography, why don't you try the Starburst Mirror? I believe it will bring endless inspiration and surprise to your creation.


This content creation from: Photographer Zhang Jia You

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