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H&Y Filter Short 4x 6x Cross Magnetic Clip-on Filter For RevoRing VND&CPL

H&Y Filter Short 4x 6x Cross Magnetic Clip-on Filter For RevoRing VND&CPL

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Scope of delivery :

  • 1 x H&Y Filter Short Cross Magnetic Clip-On Filter
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    Product Information: H&Y Filter Short Cross Magnetic Clip-On Filter For RevoRing-Series

    The H&Y Short Cross Magnetic Clip-On Filter is designed for versatility and creative enhancement. Compatible with RevoRing VND + CPL, RevoRing VND, RevoRing CPL, and RevoRing Mist White/Mist Black filters, this magnetic clip-on filter attaches effortlessly, offering quick and secure mounting. However, it is not compatible with the RevoRing Variable Adapter.

    Note: Clip-on filters are standalone products specifically made by H&Y for certain products under the RevoRing-Series & RevoSwift-Series:

    • RevoRing MRC CPL Filter
    • RevoRing Variable Neutral Density ND3-1000 Filter
    • RevoRing Variable Neutral Density ND3-1000 + Circular Polarizer
    • RevoRing Mist Black Filter
    • RevoRing Mist White Filter
    • RevoSwift Variable Magnetic Adapter Ring

    When to Use a Short Cross Filter?

    Short Cross 4x Filter:

    • Night Photography: Enhancing light sources such as street lamps and car headlights with balanced starburst effects.

    • Holiday Lights: Adding a festive star effect to holiday lights and decorations without overpowering the scene.

    • Portraits: Creating subtle highlights in jewelry and reflective surfaces in portrait photography.

    • Event Photography: Adding a special touch to weddings, parties, and other events with decorative lighting.

    Short Cross 6x Filter:

    • Cityscapes: Adding a striking yet balanced starburst effect to urban lights and building illumination.

    • Concerts and Events: Enhancing stage lighting and spotlights with intense yet controlled star effects.

    • Creative Projects: Providing a distinctive look for artistic photoshoots, fashion photography, and creative video projects.

    • Astrophotography: Highlighting stars and celestial objects with starburst effects, making night skies more dynamic.

    Why Choose H&Y Short Cross Magnetic Clip-On Filter For RevoRing VND & CPL?

    • High-Quality Optics: Made from HD MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating) glass, ensuring superior image clarity and color accuracy.

    • Ease of Use: The magnetic clip-on design allows for quick and secure attachment, simplifying the process of changing filters.

    • Versatility: Compatible with multiple RevoRing filters, providing flexibility for various photography and videography needs.

    • Enhanced Creativity: The Short Cross filters produce balanced starburst effects, ideal for scenes with multiple light sources, and offer a soft light effect for portraits, landscapes, and more.

    • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in various shooting conditions.

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 1 x H&Y Short Cross Magnetic Clip-On Filter 

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