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H&Y Filter RevoRing Mist White Filter

H&Y Filter RevoRing Mist White Filter

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  • 1 x H&Y RevoRing Mist White Filter
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    Product Information: H&Y Filter RevoRing Mist White Filter 

    The H&Y Filter RevoRing Mist Black Filter combines the innovative features of the RevoRing series with the benefits of a mist filter. This versatile adapter fits multiple lens sizes, reducing the need for multiple filters and step-up rings. Available sizes include 58-77mm & 67-82mm. The Mist White filter softens light and reduces harsh contrast.

    Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, the RevoRing Variable Filter is resistant to deformation and damage, ensuring long-lasting durability. Featuring innovative variable blade technology, it allows DSLR or mirrorless camera systems to use a single filter on multiple lenses. 

    When to Use a Mist White Filter?

    A White Mist Filter is perfect for occasions where you want to soften light and reduce harsh contrasts. It’s especially useful for:

    • Portraits: Creating a soft, flattering look by smoothing skin tones and reducing blemishes.

    • Wedding Photography: Adding a romantic, ethereal feel to your images.

    • Landscapes: Enhancing the atmosphere by adding a foggy, mystical quality to morning or evening shots.

    • Cinematic Videos: Achieving a dreamy, cinematic effect with smooth highlights and reduced harsh shadows.

    Why Choose H&Y Filter RevoRing Mist White Filter?

    • High-Quality Optics: Made from HD MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating) glass, ensuring superior image clarity and color accuracy, delivering professional-grade results.

    • Innovative Variable Blade Technology: Allows the use of one filter on multiple lenses, compatible with screw-in filters of any brand.

    • Heavy Duty Construction: Made from durable aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to deformation and damage.

    • Cost-Effective: Replaces the need for multiple filters and step-up rings, saving both time and money.

    • Ease of Use: The screw-in mechanism ensures quick and secure attachment, with no precise adjustments required.

    • Versatility: Suitable for both photography and videography, providing flexibility in various shooting environments.

    • Clip-On Feature: Customers can buy Clip-On filters separately to stack over the RevoRing, adding magnetic stacking for extra creative control and flexibility.

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 1 x H&Y RevoRing Mist White Filter




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