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(H&Y) RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter Landscape Portrait Photography Kit

(H&Y) RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter Landscape Portrait Photography Kit

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      H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter

      Product Development Story

      H&Y's REVORING is the most advanced stepped ring adapter that turns the common knowledge of stepped rings for camera lenses on its head. With its innovative and cleverly designed variable blade technology, REVORING allows you to use one filter for multiple lenses, eliminating the need for multiple step rings. It's so easy to use, many people say so. "Why hasn't this been available before?" H&Y is proud to have developed this adjustable step ring to meet so many needs.
      H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter
      H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter

      About this item

      • ENHANCE PORTABILITY, MINIMIZE EQUIPMENT BURDEN: H&Y Revoring 3 in 1 nd filter brings greater convenience to your photography project. No need to carry multiple adapter rings and nd filters or other filters, when you are using our nd filter can 
      • NO VIGNETTING: The lens size of ND filter is 95mm, focal length of our ND filter is 16mm, 3 in 1 ND filter can prevent vignetting as much as possible. (If any vignetting occurs, please remove other filters attached to the lens before using our lens filter)
      • GERMAN OPTICAL GLASS AND NANO COATING ND FILTER: Variable ND filter/polarizing filter has High stability, high light transmission, and high definition image quality. The 22-layer nano coating enhances the nd filter resistance to harsh environmental conditions

      Adjustable scrim for color fidelity no color cast

      Multi-speed limit, fast adjustment, precise reduction, easy to grasp the wonderful moments.

      Enhancing contrast Increase saturation

      Make the sky bluer, the flowers more colorful, the grass greener

      H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter



      H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter

      Editorial Reviews

      The REVORING has been lucky enough to be featured by many publications, including the following:

      Camera Jabber | Cameralabs | Digital Camera World | DPReviews | Photography News | Photo Bite | Amateur Photographer | Photography Talk | The Phoblographer | Cinema5D

      H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL Lens Filter review