H&Y Filter 100x100mm Anti-pollution Night Filter

H&Y Filter 100x100mm Anti-pollution Night Filter

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H&Y Magnetic Filter System The Most Convenient Filter System Ever

Helps reduce the appearance of light pollution when shooting at night with your photo or video, removing illumination from artificial light sources such as street lights.
Astrophotography filter makes the stars pop when shooting at night with clear skies
100mm x 100mm with installed magnetic frame
Compatible with KH100, OH100 and FH100 K-series holder

Saving Time

REVORING and REVORING VND + CPL can save time lost when switching filters. For example, suppose you start shooting with the 24-70mm lens and decide to switch to the 70-200mm halfway through. the two lenses may have different filter diameters. In this case, the filters should be changed or adjusted using a step ring. This is especially true if you need more than one ring, or if the screw is stuck and cannot be removed. Every photographer must have experienced this frustration. With REVORING, simply unscrew one lens and screw on the other.
How easy it is to switch lenses on the REVORING sample and how it saves time on the shoot. (See the video below.)

Editorial Reviews

The REVORING has been lucky enough to be featured by many publications, including the following: