H&Y Filter Balancer GND16 Magnetic Clip-on Filter for RevoRing 67-82mm

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H&Y Filter Balancer GND16 Magnetic Clip-on Filter for RevoRing

The glass is made of high quality German SCHOTTB270 glass with tempered glass processing. The low reflection coating minimizes glare and ghosting even in strong light source scenarios. Maintenance free with anti-fouling and waterproof coating. Anti-scratch coating prevents scratches for long-term use. Vacuum-deposited coating realizes an ideal GND coating. Neutral GND coating allows use without fear of color deviation. Highly transparent optical glass is used, and high flatness is maintained by precision polishing.

Heat-treated tempered glass for high durability * Anti-static, dirt-repellent, water-repellent, scratch-resistant, low-reflective coating (double-sided coating) * Homogeneous GND coating with no color transfer * High-flatness polishing technology thanks to HD * Graduated ND for partially dimming * Magnet for quick mounting/dismounting and swivel * Thin-frame design prevents vignetting, even when using wide-angle lenses

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