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Luke Pyrzynski From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

Poland-based street, lifestyle, and automotive photographer & filmmaker

Luke Pyrzynski From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador


I have been on an adventure in street photography since 2020 when I took my first street photographs on a cold March night in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I specialize in night photography. I love to use DOF (depth of field), and symmetry, show the beauty of bokeh, or take long exposures. My night photos have characteristic cold tones, but it is not uncommon to see photos with warmer tones as well. The mission and initial goal were and still are to inspire all those who are afraid to go out and take pictures as well as all those who want to take their first steps in photography, whatever their preferences. Besides street photography, I also enjoy photographing portraits, automotive, lifestyle, products, and architecture in general.

Please enjoy the photo by Luke Pyrzynski

Luke Pyrzynski From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador
Luke Pyrzynski From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador


Shadi Nassri From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

Syrian/Spanish profissional photographer & instructor.

Passionate about landscape, seascape & night sky, aurora hunter and deep sky astro photography.
Since 2007 till this moment searching the perfect light in many countries, with the help of a great filters to show the beauty of the nature.
Awards winning photographer, hundreds of workshops lead around the world

Please enjoy the photo by Shadi Nassri



Jassim Mohammed From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador 

Kuwait Based Commercial photography artist, Instructor and content creator

Having honed by skills in the dynamic world of photography, specialize in translating concepts into visually compelling content and Passionate about Nature, landscapes, Long exposures, and night sky.

Please enjoy the photo by Jassim Mohammed




Zohaib Anjum From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador


I am a Dubai-born and raised professional photographer and instructor, has cultivated his unique artistic perspective through a life shaped by the city's vibrancy. Specializing in landscape, seascape, night sky, storm chasing, and cityscape photography since 2005, Zohaib is also an avid traveler. His work, marked by a relentless pursuit of the perfect light, has garnered awards and international recognition. Zohaib's captivating imagery, influenced by his Dubai upbringing and global travels, has been featured in prestigious publications.

Currently based in Dubai, he continues to contribute to the city's artistic scene while sharing his passion for photography through workshops, providing a glimpse into the diverse beauty he encounters during his journeys.

 Please enjoy the photo by Zohaib Anjum



Vieri Bottazzini H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador Since 2021

Vieri Bottazzini is an Italian Fine Art landscape photographer and educator, with a personal style rooted in pure photographic craftsmanship. Passionate about the outdoors, Vieri believes in honouring the majestic power of our planet’s beauty by creating his iconic images using unadulterated photography only. Through his powerful black & white and subtly post-processed colour images, Vieri tells stories about the relationship between nature and mankind, exploring the concepts of time and of the surreal. Vieri’s Fine Art work has been viewed millions of times on social media and featured on leading publications such as Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG, Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine, and more.

Vieri leads truly limited attendance 3-people Workshops in places like Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Scotland, England, the USA, Italy, France and Spain, where he shares his knowledge and his art with his Alumni without holding back. Vieri’s diverse and vast Portfolio is the culmination of over a decade of passion, love and craftsmanship, of months spent on the road every year, of hundreds of kilometres of hikes and most of all, of a lifetime’s devotion to art.

Through his work and tutoring, Vieri aims to inspire others to embrace their inner artist and find their own path to self-expression.

Then he realized a video review for K System

Please enjoy the photo by Vieri Bottazzini

Luca Mich H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador Since 2022

He's a famous landscape and macro photographer. 

Realized a video tutorial about ND filters:

Please enjoy the photo by Luca Mich



Michele Dalla Palma H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador Since 2023

Michele Dalla Palma

A professional journalist and photographer for more than 40 years, explorer and great traveler, coordinator for Italy of the National Geographic Photography Expeditions project from 2018 to 2022, he has carried out about thirty expeditions to every continent and published more than 500 photoreports from every corner of the planet for the Italian and international press. For fifteen years he was Editor-in-Chief of the leading magazine on Italian newsstands dedicated to outdoor tourism. Founder and Director of the FotoVideoAcademy Italia School of Photography, he is a Master Teacher at the Nikon School and holds photojournalism courses and workshops in Italy and abroad. As a videomaker, he has produced over 300 hours of television programs dedicated to exploration, adventure and ethnographic documentation for RAI and SKY. He has published twenty-five books dedicated to photography and travel stories, with major Italian publishers. His photographic exhibitions "Eyes on the World" and Poacher of Emotions" have been exhibited in major European cities.

In 2017, one of his images was included among the 100 selected by Nikon, to celebrate its century of life, in the photographic volume "It's a Nikon, it's an Icon."

Please enjoy the photo by Michele Dalla Palma

Michele Dalla Palma H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador Since 2023

Giovanni Piliarvu From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador 

I am an Italian photographer specializing in four main domains, landscapes, street, portraits, and traditional festivals. Initially, these may appear as contradictory spaces and atmospheres; however, I take them all as emotion and impact, freeing up my creative potential from the restrictions of a single genre.

I am the co-author of the book Tokyo Conversations (2022), co-photographer for Catland (2020), and the primary photographer for the volumes Sardegna (2020) from the series Niche, and Italian (2021-22) from the NHK Radio Texts series.


IPA 2019 Sopra le Nuvole - Nature Landscapes Honorable Mention

IPA 2019 Caleidoscopio - Nature Landscapes Honorable Mention

IPA 2018 Fluttuando - Nature Landscapes Honorable Mention

IPA 2017 Dancing Butterflies -Event Tradition and Culture Honorable Mention

IPA 2015 Iconic Hokuriku - Nature Landscapes Honorable Mention

IPA 2014 Trail in Tanada - Nature Landscapes Subcategory Winner 3rd Place

IPA 2014 Trail in Tanada - Nature Landscapes Honorable Mentio
Please enjoy the photo by Giovanni Piliarvu
Giovanni Piliarvu From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador
Giovanni Piliarvu From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador
Giovanni Piliarvu From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

NICCO VALENZUELA From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

Landscape and travel photographer
Professional architectural and real estate photographer
Content and copy writer
Video content creator
Senior staff writer - Fstoppers.com

Contributing content writer - Manfrotto.com, Lowepro.com, Miops.com

Brand Ambassador/ Key Opinion Leader:

Sony Philippines - Digital Imaging (cameras and lenses)

Asus Philippines - Zenbook and ProArt laptops

Lowepro Philippines - Camera bags

H&Y Filters - Global - Landscape photography filters

MIOPS - Global - Professional camera triggers

Giovanni Corona From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

My name is Giovanni Corona. I'm a purely landscape photographer from Southern Sardinia with a clear attraction for night landscape photography. In 2017, having accumulated a minimum of experience with filters,  became part of the H&Y family, an extremely innovative niche brand in the field of photographic filters.
Personal Achievements

2015 published in the interactive catalogue of Ozone Zone international photo contest;

2016 published on Panobook catalog (list here);

2016 published on TOP 40 inspiring photos in the article World Photographic Day of Sony Wpo blog;

2016 published on newspaper "Fotografare" and on newspaper "FOTOCult

2017 publication on "Pentaxian Yearbook"

2018 publication in Chiiz.com Magazine as "Landscape top40 finalists 2018"

2019 publication in Chiiz.com Magazine and Webzine N°27, special selection for contest "Astrophotography"

2020 published in the webzine "Passione la Fotografia", in two numbers

2020 published in the newspaper "Mediterraneo e Dintorni"

2021 published in the Magazine - Catalogue "Overland" Spring 2021

2021 published in the Magazine FOTOCult for the H&Y review

2021 published in the website "Rivista Natura" for the description of "Galactic Dinner" , "Paesaggi di Mare"

2022 published in the website Rivista Natura with "Fotografare la Via Lattea"
and "Miti da sfatare"

2023 published in OnLandscape.co.uk on "your best snap of 2022" with "INTERSTELLAR SALT PLANT: Majestic Moments"


Dibyendu Das From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

EFIAP & EFIP | Landscape, Wildlife 📸
Featured DP Magazine UK, Smart, Asian Photography
Please enjoy the photo by Dibyendu Das


ศุภฤกษ์ นฤเบศร์ไกรสีห์ (โก๊ะ) From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

"P' Goh" or Suparerk Narubet Kraisi, a photographer, writer, and expert in testing photographic equipment who has been in the photography industry for a long time, is among the top in Thailand, having had many works from ThaiDphoto, Fujifilm, and Camerart. Until turning himself into the captain who will lead the Kluay Kluai camera team at present


Efraim DONMEZ From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

The best part of taking pictures is that you become spiritually calm. With the help of this mood I can communicate with people more easily in every environment I go to shooting. There is no limit in this area and I want to go as far as I can towards the unlimited area.

While studying Geography at Istanbul University in 1993, I started shooting with my first camera. In 2001, I gave a break for about 10 years and returned shooting photos in 2011. I do landscape, longexposure, fashion, class, outdoor wedding photography...

Especially in the field of work and long exposures, the use of filters is essential. A filter is essential to get the view you're imagining if the weather doesn't allow it. That's why I used the products of many filter brands. However, since H&Y is very high level in the field of filter equipment, I have chosen my preference for this company. In every new shot, it is my greatest work ethic to be part of your excitement and breathe the same air.
Please enjoy the photo by Efraim DONMEZ


Sulaiman Al Riyami From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador

Landscape and Astrophotographer.


I have been using the H&Y filter System for a while and it is really incredible with a high quality and professional levels.

The H&Y Filter System is designed to provide photographers with the ability to achieve desired effects while maintaining image clarity. The filters are known for their accuracy in reproducing colors and minimizing color casts, ensuring that the final image retains its natural look.

The glass quality is great and I found no discernable color cast or loss in optical performance when using the filters. To be honest, it's probably the best glass I have used to date.
Please enjoy the photo by Sulaiman Al Riyami
 Sulaiman Al Riyami From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador
Sulaiman Al Riyami From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador
Sulaiman Al Riyami From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador
Sulaiman Al Riyami From H&Y Filter Brand Ambassador