What is H&Y SWIFT Magnetic Holder Square Filter System?

What is H&Y SWIFT Magnetic Holder Square Filter System?

BY : H&YFilter

Filter is every landscape photographer's backpack essential photographic equipment, have a practical and suitable filter is very necessary, the use of filters can significantly improve the shooting effect, but also can reduce such as stacking, soft focus and other post workload.

H&Y Filter 100x100mm Square ND Filter With Frame

As an outdoor photographer who loves to shoot landscapes, I often travel in the streets and alleys, or hiking and tracing streams, or going back and forth between the city and the countryside, and I always use my lens to capture the fleeting scenery along the way, and the H&Y Swift Magnetic Bracket Square Filter System always helps me to retain these amazing moments!

H&Y Filter 100x100mm Square ND8 Filter With Frame

I chose this filter as my must-have accessory for landscape photography because I wanted a high quality filter that was suitable and lightweight at the same time. The H&Y Swift Magnetic Holder Square Filter System I'm currently using fulfills these requirements, and it's by far the best filter I've ever used for a variety of landscape photography scenarios.

H&Y Filter 100x100mm Square ND64 Filter With Frame

The set I'm using includes the regular wide-angle adapters (67mm, 77mm, 82mm), bridge ring, Nikon Z14-24S adapter, square piece magnetic mount, square 0.9 soft filter gradient lens, square ND8 filter, square ND64 filter, square ND1000 filter, square light damage resistant, and a filter storage bag, which makes it a very comprehensive set of filters.

H&Y Filter 100x100mm Square ND1000 Filter With Frame

This filter system is a camera mount system designed for outdoor landscape photographers. Its innovative design allows for quick and solid mounting and dismounting, which meets the needs of most outdoor landscape photographers, and I have to say that the innovative design of H&Y's house is really close to my heart!

ND filter effect

For landscape photographers who often shoot the sea and flowing waterfalls, the ND scrim is very necessary, as we all know the role of the ND scrim is to reduce the amount of incoming light, so that the camera's shutter speed slows down, and the long exposure allows the water to show the effect of the flow of the water, increasing the sense of movement and artistic sense of the photo, while reducing the trouble of post-processing.

H&Y Filter Square ND32 Filter

Let's take a look at some of the scenes and images shot through the use of different light reduction gears, and the effects presented.

As shown in the figure below, using nd8/3 gear reduction filters to shoot the waterfalls flying down, mountain streams flowing water, through the lower gear reduction filters to get a slight brushed effect, so that the waterfalls are not cluttered, but also rich in dynamics. Picture

H&Y Filter Square ND1000 Filter
H&Y Filter Square ND32 Filter

This picture uses nd64/6 stops nd scrims to capture the smooth effect of the water, using slower shutter speeds to make the water and clouds completely atomized, and the reflections of the surrounding buildings make the picture more aesthetically pleasing.

H&Y Filter Square ND16 Filter

This last one was shot with the nd1000/10-stop nd scrim to create a brushed and foggy effect on the stream, and the combination of the movement of the rocks and the stream makes for a lighter, more visually vivid image.

H&Y Filter Soft GND Filter With Frame

Through the above several groups using nd8 filter/nd64 filter/nd1000 filter shooting images, you can see that different shooting scenes, switching different gears of the nd filter scrim, the effect presented is also unique.

In addition to using a single nd scrim to shoot, we can also stack multiple filters according to the shooting needs, such as shooting the sunrise and sunset, the sky and the ground light ratio contrast, you can stack gnd gradient mirror to balance the light ratio, rich clouds and clouds mood of the scene!

ND filter + GND filter overlay effect

In addition to the need for ND filter scrims in landscape photography, the use of GND gradient lenses is also very important in the field of landscape photography. The main role of GND filter gradient lenses is to darken the highlights of the image, while increasing the brightness of the dark parts, which helps to improve the contrast of the image.

In contrast to traditional square filters, the overlap of two filters may lead to loss of light at the corners of the lens, and multiple layers of lenses are allowed to stack, easily triggering flare and ghosting. While H&Y's GND filter gradient lens is made of high quality materials imported from abroad, multi-layer coating and exquisite craftsmanship make this trouble disappear completely, multiple filters stacked without flare ghosting, and no light loss.

H&Y Filter Soft GND Filter With Frame

As shown below, shooting at sunset using only the nd64 filter, you can see the effect of fogging on the water surface, but due to the high light of the evening sun at this time and the mountains in the shadow of the dark light ratio is too large, the clouds inevitably appeared overexposed dead white.

H&Y Filter ND64 Filter With Frame

So, I superimposed a gnd gradient lens over the nd64 subtractor, and I can see that the light ratio of the highlights in the image is reduced, and the contrast between light and dark and the light ratio of the image is significantly improved.

H&Y Filter ND64 Filter

With the above comparison chart, we can see the important function of using gnd gradient lens in shooting, it can make the sky light overexposure get normal exposure, balance the light ratio of the picture, and make the picture soft and natural!


My go-to ultra-wide-angle lens is the Nikon NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S, which is used in a wide range of scenarios such as landscape photography, architectural photography and interior photography.

This lens is compact and lightweight, and the front element doesn't stick out as far as the F-mount lenses do. It can fit round filters with a diameter of 112mm, but it's hard to fit a suitable square filter with this lens' oversized aperture.

That was until I came across the H&Y Swift Magnetic Mount Square Filter System, which is a 100 system (note that there is no need for a 150 system) that covers the 14mm end of the focal length perfectly and has no problem with dark corners when stacked in multiples, and which is compatible with the vast majority of lenses.

Now when I go out to shoot, this set of filters must be a must-have photography accessory for me to carry, which plays a role in my shooting with half the effort and greatly improves my shooting efficiency!

In the end, I would like to say, photography, is the art of light; long exposure, is the light and time of the blend; filters, is the hand of the photographer's pen, make good use of its ability to allow us to the magnificent mountains and rivers on the ever-changing light and shadow, painted into a beautiful and colorful beautiful picture!

H&Y Filter share Photography photo


H&Y Filter share Photography photo
H&Y Filter share Photography photo