REVORING: A Variable Step Ring for your Camera Lens Filters

REVORING: A Variable Step Ring for your Camera Lens Filters

BY : H&YFilter


REVORING from H&Y. Quite simply the world's most advanced step ring adapter ever made for a camera lens. Our cleverly designed and innovative variable blade technology gives any DSLR or Mirrorless camera system user the ability to use 1 single filter on multiple lenses, without the need for multiple step rings. So simple in its function, many have said: "why has this never been done before?". Well, now we are proud to say that it has been done! But, we are not quite there yet. We now need your help in backing to bring this amazing product to life.  

 Almost 3 years of research and development, along with extensive field testing have been applied to bring the REVORING that much closer to reality. Our manufacturing process ensures that the materials used match the quality that customers have come to expect from H&Y. We are confident that image-makers across the globe will fall in love with this new concept and the REVORING systems will quickly become an indispensable partner for countless photographers and filmmakers.

H&Y Filter Revoring Variable Adapter


The major feature of the H&Y REVORING and REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system is the ability to switch between lenses with a single filter; a simple twist, and away you go! However, when designing the variable retracting blades, we knew we had to match the strength of a regular filter attached to a lens. Coupled with the force of the retracting blades and independent threading, one final turn ensures that the REVORING is securely mounted onto your lens.


Anti-Fingerprint & Waterproof Nano-Coating Technology has been applied to the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system to protect the glass from the unpredictable factors that all photographers and filmmakers face when shooting outdoors. The coating helps with beading and any excess droplets can be easily removed with a lens cloth without the fear of eliminating any of the coatings and without leaving stubborn smears on the glass.

The German Schott B270® glass also includes Anti-Reflective coatings, which virtually eliminate all flare and reflections from the front and rear surfaces. This helps visible light to pass through the glass by removing unwanted reflections, giving the user the best possible light transmission (up to 97%), optimizing images for the sharpest possible outcome. Whether shooting at 16mm or 400mm, the glass and coatings used in the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system produce sharp images, even at light reductions of up 10 stops.  

Each side of the REVORING's glass has 9 layers of the above coatings applied.  


As a result of continued tests and working on feedback from our ambassadors, we are excited that we can already announce the following features which will be included in the final product - check out the video below showing these new features

project video thumbnail
  •  Hard Stop - The Variable Neutral Density ring will feature a hard stop at “MAX” preventing the user from going beyond the 10 stop position on the ring.
  •  Guide Pin - In addition to the Circular Polarizer inner ring, the Variable Neutral Density outer ring will also feature a guide pin, for improved control and functionality
  •  Focal Length Guide - There will be a redesign of the Variable Neutral Density markers between “Min” and “Max" to better reflect focal lengths and stops achieved using different lenses


project video thumbnail

Space is a commodity for photographers and filmmakers! Let's face it, we are always on a quest for new bags and backpacks, with hundreds of pockets and compartments to carry all the latest gadgets and accessories launched every year. But, what if all you need to do is simply reduce the amount of gear you carry while achieving the same or greater level of productivity? The REVORING saves you the need to carry multiple filters and step rings, meaning you can pack lighter and more efficiently for your travels.  


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The REVORING and REVORING Variable ND+CPL will save you time when changing over filters for that perfect shot. For example, you might start off by shooting with a 24-70mm lens, and decide to switch to a 70-200mm, both of which may have a different thread size. You would either have to switch filters or adapt your filter using step rings, and we've all experienced this frustration, especially if you need multiple rings, or worse yet, they get stuck! With the REVORING, you just twist and remove from one lens, twist and mount to the other, it's that simple! 

Our US Ambassador, David Akoubian, got to play with a handful of our REVORING samples and had fun in showing just how easy it is to switch between lenses, saving him time when out shooting.      


Not only will the REVORING save you space and time, it will also save you money! You no longer need to buy multiple filters or step-up rings for all of your lenses. Instead, choose a REVORING suitable for your lenses, add 1 filter, and you are good to go!   

Philip Bloom has had hands-on with the REVORING. Watch his video, where he covers the many features it has, including just how much money it can save you!


The REVORING Variable ND + CPL combination has the benefit of being an essential tool for shooting both videos and stills. Once you have attached the REVORING to your lens, you have a wealth of dynamic range at your fingertips, with the added bonus of a Circular Polarizer which features Japanese Nitto polarizing film - offering up to 99.9% polarizing efficiency. 

The REVORING Variable Neutral Density has a dynamic range of ND3 to ND1000, in photographic terms, this equates to 1.5 - 10 stops of light control!    

The following chart is a useful guide to help understand what each ND Rating will help you achieve. 

Below test images taken by Felicia Smith in Australia using the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system showing their impressive optical quality – even with lenses up to 400mm!!

Below Images taken by Luke Gardner in the UK using a REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter

Below images taken by Matthias Conrad in Germany, using the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter

Below images taken by David Akoubian in USA, using the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter 

Testing, testing and more testing! We are our own worse critics at H&Y, always looking for ways to improve our products, especially the REVORING. Our ambassadors have also played an integral part in this journey. In fact, with their expertise and field testing, we have been able to make immediate, yet subtle design changes which have a big impact on the product's performance. One of those changes will be gapless edges, which can be seen below

But, it doesn't stop there. We are committed to reviewing all of your suggestions, and where possible, we will try our hardest to implement any of your ideas to help improve the REVORING.

Pledge levels can often be confusing, so we have broken down the options below. Rather than have many, many pledge levels, due to the different size rings, we have created levels where you can simply add the HK$ amount to an initial pledge amount in order to back the project and receive the correct perk as per your dollar amount. This will then be picked up post campaign in our survey. 

Example: If you would like to back the campaign and receive THE SAVER 1 x 67-82mm REVORING as your reward, hover the mouse over click on "Select this reward", you then calculate the pledge amount of HK$180 and HK$54 totalling HK$234. Enter HK$234 in pledge amount, click continue and follow the onscreen instructions from Kickstarter, and thats it. We will then arrange everything else in our survey post campaign.    

The following shipping prices and visible locations show an estimate as to what will be charged in our survey after the campaign has ended. Our intention is to ship worldwide!

COVID-19 Shipping - During our continued research, we have come to learn a great deal about the temporary rise in shipping costs, and reduced services offered by 3PL and shipping partners as a result of COVID-19. The below prices reflect what it costs to ship a REVORING pledge today with an experienced Kickstarter 3PL partner we have in place. We will continue our research with a goal to improve the overall shipping cost, if at all possible.

VAT, GST, Taxes & Duty - In order for us to make the REVORING as competitive as possible, we have worked hard bringing the price down to what we feel is an attractive level, especially for the campaign. This does mean that while we would love to include the cost of Shipping, VAT, GST and Duty, we simply do not have the room to do this. At the moment, we are consuming a portion of the higher shipping costs, and so any further taxes and duty costs importing the REVORING will be at the cost of the backer. We will continue our research into other options, and if we find a solution, we will keep everyone updated. 

H&Y was founded in Hong Kong back in 2006, with the sole purpose of developing and providing high quality filter products. This quickly turned into H&Y becoming one of the leading choice of brands in ASIA.

Fast forward to the present, and you will see that H&Y continues to manufacture new and exciting filter systems at a competitive price point, through concept design and the continuous process of innovation being an integral part of the company focus. This has led to a unique approach to the development of the company’s product range, with the requirements of the user being a key driving force in the company’s ambition to deliver functional and beautiful, filters and accessories. 

The very first major breakthrough in technological advancements came from the launch of the K-Series magnetic square filter holder system in 2017. The sole quest for everyone at H&Y, is to produce the most economically advanced range of accessories for Photographers & Videographers and this was the first step!

Kenny, the chief and brains behind the design, has spent many waking hours perfecting the REVORING, but like all good product ideas, we have had to go through months of testing and design changes to reach this point! From the very beginning, we called upon our ambassadors to get involved in helping us maneuver through the slalom of fine-tuning the REVORING to make sure it was the amazing product it was always designed to be.

We turned to Kickstarter for its historical success in brining new photographic innovations to life, and for the positive impact the backer community can have on a brand new concept and design.

 We have worked our way through many prototypes and samples so that we can perfect our design. Many new features have been added along the way, with more confirmed still to come! We are pretty confident you are going to love the REVORING! 

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Risks and challenges

Risks COVID-19 has had a noticeable affect on the campaign. Areas of risk include our ambassadors and team creating content safely, manufacturing timeframe and, of course, shipping. We have closely monitored and implemented all of the local guidelines in each country we are present. In fact, our initial launch was set for January, which we took the difficult decision to delay as the risk was too great, especially on our ambassadors, team and factories. Their safety to us is paramount. As such, we have significantly reduced our risk by launching the end of June, however, still facing the prospect of high shipping costs and limited services from China & Hong Kong. We have been working with multiple shipping companies since November 2019, and while we have a current process and cost structure in place, we will continue to monitor this for better service and savings throughout the campaign. Future pricing and functionality of the REVORING are critical components - we want to bring the absolute best in product performance while being affordable. We have created over 20 samples throughout the birth of the REVORING, trying to overcome as many objections while making the product feature rich. However, we understand that nothing is perfect and welcome all feedback to better the product where possible. If we can make any changes or amendments to the product, we will certainly research them in our continued efforts to make the best product. We will factor current timing, features, costs and retail pricing as our key performance indicators in order to measure the risk in any changes. Challenges Aside from the challenges we face in our delicate world right now, and trying to include just about every possible feature in the REVORING, one of the biggest challenges we faced was the internal design and functionality. The ability of the REVORING to work with lenses down to a focal length of 16mm was a critical measurement for us in our research, and so making the REVORING the size it is, meant that we had to make sure the internal components continued to be strong while being a smaller form factor. We believe we have overcome this, having spent the last 2 years going though multiple tests and designs, resulting in our R&D team finding the perfect precision engineering design, ensuring we can deliver the absolute best the REVORING can be.