H&Y Filter Magnetic HD Black Mist White Promist Filter Kit

How to choose black mist filter & white promist filter?

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H&Y The principle of soft light filter

H&Y Filter Magnetic HD Black Mist White Promist Filter Kit

H&Y Filter Magnetic HD Black Mist White Promist Filter Kit

In the photo era, there have been a lot of photographers in the use of black mist filters for shooting, may sometimes you will think why everyone shoots the same portrait, and he shot out of the character skin texture will be better, and highlights halo open feeling more comfortable it?

This time, it is the filter in the silent role, soft mirror, also known as soft focus mirror, soft mirror made of transparent glass, it is made by the photographic corrosion method to make the surface of the transparent lens or two lenses on the transparent sandwich, presenting a series of small grooves with diffuse effect.

The surface of the glass is corroded into uneven, when the light through the surface of the lens will be scattered, thus softening the contours of the subject, the contrast is reduced, resulting in a "soft light" effect.

We usually say 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 of the soft light gear, is the distribution of these grooves, the distribution of the more dense, corrosion is deeper, then the soft lens softens the image of the effect of the heavier, and vice versa, the distribution of the more sparse, corrosion of the more shallow, the softening effect of the image of the lighter.

This is the principle of the soft light mirror, soft light mirror's main role includes softening the image, reduce the contrast of the screen, adjusting the screen shade and tone.

Function of Magnetic Filter

In portrait photography, the "soft light" effect of the soft light filter has been widely used, using it to shoot can cover up some of the blemishes on the character's face or skin, so that the character becomes more moist and charming; and in the outdoors, using the soft light filter to shoot, can make the photo full of mysterious, romantic atmosphere.

H&Y Filter Magnetic HD Black Mist White Promist Filter Kit

Back to the photographic equipment to share today, is the H&Y Filter of magnetic black soft filter and white soft filter, after experiencing a period of time, found that it is really too good to use, the filter's magnetic design not only fit the needs of the photographic creators, in the shooting can also give the picture a sense of dreamy and soft movie atmosphere!

H&Y's magnetic filters are magnet-to-magnet adsorption, can be automatically adsorbed, easy to load and unload, it is also very simple to install, simple 2 steps can be 1 second to change the lens, will be directly screwed to the magnetic suction ring on the lens threaded grooves, and then will be close to the magnetic suction ring lens automatically adsorption and installation.

H&Y Filter Magnetic HD Black Mist White Promist Filter Kit

Because I have more lens groups, so also with a H&Y REVORING series 67-82mm adjustable adapter ring, the front only need to install 82mm filters can be, just to cover all my lens groups.

This accessory can easily realize the function of one piece of filter to cover multiple lens groups, which really saves money and time, and can also quickly switch filters to easily deal with a variety of shooting scenarios.

How to choose Black Mist & White Promist?

We all know that black mist filter is mostly used in portrait photography or video shooting, which can soften the highlights, reduce the contrast and sharpness of the picture, and increase the atmosphere of the picture.

Similarly, the white promist filter will also have a more obvious softening effect on the overall picture, but the white soft filter will give the picture a global softening, the contrast of the highlights will be reduced, and will produce a halo, so that the picture is soft.

Black mist and white promist in the daily shooting plays a very important role, but also the movie atmosphere sense of shooting the necessary filters! Many of you may still ask the question, "What is the difference between black and soft and white?"

Let's take a look at some of the actual shots I've taken with black mist and white promist during this time to teach you the difference between black mist and white promist!

black mist filter

white promist filter

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