H&Y RevoRing Variable Neutral Density ND3-1000 Filter

H&Y REVORING ND3-1000 filter | A great tool for advanced video shooting

BY : H&YFilter

In this era where everyone is a video creator, it is essential to choose an applicable and convenient filter accessory that not only meets the daily shooting needs of photographic creators, but also enhances work efficiency.

After the RevoRing series and Swift series products, H&Y's innovatively designed REVORING ND3-1000 filter is officially released! As an expanded new product of the REVORING series, it also continues the versatility of the adjustable aperture to cover multiple lens groups, and its practicality and convenience really make it a must-have photographic accessory for creativity!

At the same time, REVORING ND3-1000 can also be equipped with magnetic black soft filters, also supports the shade bucket system, this set of filter system takes into account the portrait, video shooting, but also a set of film and television advanced shooting tools!

Adjustable aperture Universal for multiple lens groups

H&Y REVORING ND3-1000 is a two-in-one variable ND filter with a wide-angle structure designed by combining the functions of an adjustable ND reducer and an adjustable adapter into one.

The REVORING rotating threaded bayonet is one of the most important features, which can realize the lens group coverage installation, making the filter more flexible and convenient, such as 67-82mm specifications, can be directly universal 67, 72, 77, 82mm aperture range of lenses, which saves the installation time and the cost of purchasing equipment.

Installation is also very simple, the adjustable ring of the rotating telescopic slot buckle to the lens, and then clockwise rotation 1-2 turns, rotate to the tightest state can be used; if you need to disassemble the whole counterclockwise rotation can be taken down.

Limit adjustable 1.5-10 steps light reduction

Scrims are mostly used for shooting sunrise and sunset landscape photography, humanities street photography or running water long exposure, REVORING ND3-1000 can meet the needs of photographic creators.

The REVORING ND3 filter-1000 has a wide-angle frame design structure, and the large 95mm aperture eliminates the need to worry about dark corners. With a 16-35 full-frame wide-angle lens, there are no dark corners, providing a broader creative space for photographic creators, and is a true productivity tool for photography and video!


At the same time, the adjustable ND has no effect on the sharpness of the captured image. The filter is made of high-quality German optical glass material, which ensures image quality while effectively resisting light interference.

Expanded Accessories Modular Magnetic Design

The REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000 can be used for a variety of shooting scenarios, not only can it be used individually with the adjustable ND function, but it can also be used with a combination of expandable accessories. Its front magnetic design can be stacked with H&Y filter eco-modular magnetic expansion accessories, such as black soft filters, scrims, gradient lenses, asterisk lenses, etc. It also supports the use of magnetic hoods and masks, which is easy to install and allows you to switch filters quickly!

Magnetic expansion filters can not only be directly mounted on the REVORING ND3-1000, but can also be used with filters according to different scene requirements, REVORING's modular design makes filter switching very convenient!

Want to use the function of the magnetic filter alone, you can use the adjustable magnetic adapter ring to carry the magnetic filter, according to the shooting scene to quickly replace different types of filters, the combination with more flexible and convenient.

The weight of this filter is about 130g, thickness of about 11mm, easy to carry, does not take up storage space, applicable to a variety of shooting scenarios, is a set of professional video, a sharp vnd shade bucket photography system, its flexibility and convenience for photographic creativity and video shooting has brought more possibilities.