H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 nd filter magnetic blackout bucket experience

H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 nd filter magnetic blackout bucket experience

BY : H&YFilter

First, it can provide a larger shade area, anti-glare effect will be better; Second, a shade bucket can be adapted to multiple lenses, do not have to bring a bunch of masks; Third, easy to install filters, such as ND filters, CPL filters, black soft filters, and so on to the inside of the plug on the line, very convenient. In addition to these 3 functional advantages, there is one more thing, the party looking happy ah!

With the increasing pursuit of smaller and lighter shooting equipment, is there a better solution? The answer is of course there is! It's from the H&Y REVORING series of 2-in-1 nd filters, and monobloc magnetic filters and the SWIFT sea oats series of shade bucket systems.

This is a set of modular magnetic matrix series of innovative products, subversion of the traditional operation of the habit of rapid switching combination of installation, to achieve a variety of different photographic scenarios of compatibility and the use of efficiency.

When I first saw this filter system from H&Y, I felt really wowed! The trial experience kit I received contained a 2-in-1 adjustable aperture VND, a single magnetic black soft filter, an adjustable adapter ring for the magnet, a bridge ring, a magnetic shade hopper, and a magnetic filter cover.

This 2-in-1 adjustable aperture VND magnetic filter can be used alone without other components, and it can also be adapted to a variety of aperture lenses, so you can easily switch between them when you have more than one lens.

Adjustable ND filters, also known as VND, are mainly used for shooting video and controlling the exposure of the image, especially when we have to take care of the shallow depth of field effect of large aperture lenses and the motion blur of reduced shutter speeds at the same time, adjustable ND filters are a godsend for videographers.

Take a look at this adjustable caliber magnetic adapter ring, it comes with a magnetic feature compared to the 1st generation adjustable adapter ring I've done a program on before, which makes it easy to use magnetic filters and other accessories such as this black soft filter pictured below can be mounted on quickly and easily.

Among them, the Black Soft Filter, as a portrait tool, can make the highlights of the picture produce a fantastic soft light effect, here I want to add that now this Black Soft Filter can not only be used with the 2nd generation of the magnetic caliber adapter ring alone, but also can be sucked onto the 2-in-1 VND magnetic filter for use, to achieve the effect of taking into account the background bokeh, motion blur and soft light, those who know it understand it naturally, right? You savor, you savor!

The last is the protagonist of the party happy shade bucket, for a video photographer, less this shade bucket less soul, in front of most of the party, the camera lens mounted on the front of this shade bucket, the sense of professionalism will immediately get a boost there is no?

In the whole set of filter system on the use of experience, my personal feeling is that if it is set up on a tripod in a fixed position, there is no problem, but if you use electronic stabilizer head, especially small stabilizers for shooting, need to pay attention to the weight of this system will not result in the weight of the head, resulting in the leveling problem.

Besides, this new H&Y Magnetic Filter + Mattebox System is really great, and it improves our shooting efficiency to a great extent.

That's all about the H&Y REVORING Series 2-in-1 nd+WIFT Sea Haiyan Series Mattebox System in this issue, I hope it can be helpful for you!

For more information, please check out the video below to see if the HY RevoRing 2-in-1 nd filters can meet the needs of videographers for lightweight, easy installation and compatibility.


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