Experience Black mist Filter for Spring Atmosphere Portraits

Experience Black mist Filter for Spring Atmosphere Portraits

BY : H&YFilter

In the spring of March, the rapeseed flowers in Linping, Hangzhou were in full bloom at this time, and the golden sea of flowers was like an embroidered picture scroll of the earth, so everything was revitalized in this warm season.

Taking advantage of the sunny day on the weekend, my friends and I went to this flower sea with our cameras and tripods to record the tenderness and romance of spring.

At the same time, I also carried a H&Y VND+CPL filter + Swfit magnetic variable adapter + Black mist 1/4 magnetic clip-on filter, this is H&Y's REVORING series of ND+CPL filter package products, in the shooting process according to the shooting needs of the flexibility of matching 3 in 1 filters or stacked with black mist, or use a separate function and so on.


Because in the shooting of rapeseed sea need to use the black mist filter scene more, can also be directly to the magnetic black soft filter mounted on the magnetic adjustable adapter ring, you can use the black soft function alone.

At the same time, H&Y's adjustable aperture design is really good, no need to go out with multiple filters, a filter can easily cover multiple lens groups!

When we arrived at the sea of flowers at about 15:00 in the afternoon, we saw the golden color, when the sunshine fell on the sea of rapeseed flowers, those golden petals seemed to be gently covered by a layer of light veil, just like a dream.

At this time is the sunset, the light becomes soft and warm, at this time the sea of rapeseed flowers appear more golden and bright, like a fairy tale world of golden dreams.

Sitting quietly in the sea of flowers, or strolling in the flower path to shoot the lady, in this soft light looks so elegant and dreamy.

In the shooting process encountered an episode, invited to do the modeling of the lady temporarily did not come, I in the sea of flowers "caught" two dressed in white dresses to do the modeling of the lady, the lady's light-colored clothing and the yellow rapeseed flowers form a contrast of yellow and green.

Especially when the beam of light from the setting sun gently sprinkled on the character's hair, glittering with a charming luster. With the addition of H&Y Black mist Filter, it strengthens the romantic atmosphere and adds a hazy and romantic light and shadow effect to the hair, making the whole picture full of poetry and fantasy.

During the shooting process, I deeply felt the magic of the black mist filter, which can not only maintain the clarity of the picture, but also create a hazy and romantic atmosphere.

In the shooting of rapeseed sea, it is even more perfect in the portrayal of characters.

Black mist can not only create a sense of romantic atmosphere, but also through the rendering of the black mist lens filters, the character's skin texture becomes soft and delicate, there will be a slight dermabrasion effect

Overall, the Spring Rapeseed Flower Portrait Shoot with Black mist camera Filter allowed me to experience the joy of photography, and every time I pressed the shutter, it was the best tribute to spring.


This content creation from: Photographer Li Xiao Wei