H&Y Magnetic Circular Lens Filter CPL IRND 67~95mm Full Kit Series

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Key features and benefits of the H&Y Magnetic Circular Filter Kit include:

* Instantaneous magnetic attachment/detachment

* Can be stacked with magnet type

* The frame is made of high-strength 6063 aluminum, which is also used as a construction material.

* Magnets are made of permanent magnets with high magnetic force.

* Since CPL is a magnet type, even a single frame can be rotated, making it compact.

* CPL polarizer adopts Nitto film from Japan, with a polarization of 99.9%.

* Adoption of optical glass with ND and UV tempered glass treatment

* Low-reflective, water, dirt and scratch resistant coating

H&Y Magnetic Circular Filter ND Kit

1. Magnetic Mounting System: The filters in this kit feature a magnetic frame that easily attaches to the front of your lens. This magnetic design allows for quick and secure filter changes, eliminating the need for filter holders or additional adapter rings.

2. Versatility: The H&Y Magnetic Circular Filter IRND Kit offers a range of filter options to suit different shooting scenarios. The kit typically includes filters with varying levels of light reduction, allowing you to adapt to different lighting conditions and achieve the desired creative effects.

H&Y Filter Magnetic HD Black Mist Filter Kit

The Black Mist filter is a popular choice among photographers for adding a gentle and cinematic glow to their photos. It helps to reduce contrast, enhance colors, and create a hazy, romantic atmosphere. The filter works by diffusing light, which creates a soft focus effect and adds a subtle misty texture to the image.

Multi-layer MRC coating HD imaging

Double-sided multi-layer coating to reduce light reflection, increase color saturation optical glass material, shock and drop resistance, scratch-resistant, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static


The Round Magnetic Filter is one of H&Y's most popular models, inexpensive but without compromising on quality, and was voted the best square filter on the market among square filters in a review by the UK camera magazine It was also voted the best square filter on the market in a review by a British camera magazine. The filter specifications are the same as those of the K series and offer high color reproduction.

H&Y has official photographers working all over the world

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