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H&Y Filter Swift Magnetic Matte Box For Revoring

H&Y Filter Swift Magnetic Matte Box For Revoring

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Scope of delivery :

  • 1 x RevoSwift Magnetic Matte Box
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    Product Information: H&Y RevoSwift Magnetic Matte Box

    The Swift Magnetic Matte Box For RevoSwift by H&Y is a lightweight accessory designed to enhance your shoots. Weighing only 139g (0.3lbs), it’s perfect for use with gimbals and drones. This mini matte box effectively shields the lens, blocks stray light, and minimizes lens flare, ensuring clearer images. As a Modular (C) component, it integrates seamlessly with the H&Y RevoSwift system.

    When to Use a Matte Box ?

    A matte box is useful in bright lighting conditions where lens flare and stray light can degrade image quality. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor shoots, helping to maintain consistent lighting control and enhance contrast. Whether filming landscapes, portraits, or action scenes, a matte box improves your footage.

    Why Choose H&Y RevoSwift Magnetic Matte Box?

    • Featherlight Design: Weighing only 139g, the RevoSwift Mini Matte Box is lightweight, making it easy to balance on gimbals and drones.

    • Magnetic Attachment: The magnetic system allows for quick and secure attachment to the VND or Drop-In Filters, enabling mounting only when needed.

    • Improved Image Quality: By blocking stray light and reducing lens flare, the matte box helps produce sharper, higher-contrast images.

    • Versatility: Easily clipped onto existing filters, providing flexibility for different shooting scenarios.

    • Independent Usage: Functions independently from the Drop-In Filters or the VND, offering flexibility.

    • Accessory Mounting: Equipped with 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes on top, allowing additional accessories.

    • Modular (C) Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with other Swift components for an efficient workflow.

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 1 x RevoSwift Magnetic Matte Box

    H&Y Swift Magnetic Matte Box For Revoring

    The Swift Mini Matte box is featherlight and weighs only 139g / 0.3lbs. It can be easily balanced on gimbals and drones.  It helps to shield the top, block stray light and minimize lens flare. The Matte Box is independent to the Drop in Filters or the VND so that you can mount the Matte Box, only when it is needed. Simply Clip the Matte Box onto the VND / Drop in Filters and you are good to shoot.

    H&Y REVORING Swift is a modular system that allows you to customise filter and accessory combinations. We offer countless possibilities and great flexibility for you to assemble a system thats works the best with your workflow. This system is extremely versatile and can be used by photographers and videographers.

    Editorial Reviews

    The REVORING has been lucky enough to be featured by many publications, including the following: