H&Y Filter K Series Magnetic Frame GND CPL ND Filter Landscape Photography

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K Series Magnetic Filter System Kit

Magnetic design in one shotNo more traditional inserting method

Easy installation|No light leakage|Stable and non-slip|Protective square mirror

Magnetic frame with flexible adjustment
Tough resin material|Effective protection of lenses|Not easily damaged

Rear Drop-in Filters

The Rear Drop-in Design enables a swift change of filters without touching the front. So compared to traditional photography / filmmaking filter systems, the front filters remain untouched while you are changing rear filters.  Simple One hand Operation.

Some filters like polarizers need to be rotated to the desired angle for the perfect effect. H&Y drop-in filters are equipped with a small wheel. Even after the filter is installed, you can adjust the filter angle with ease. 

The front of the stand suction magnetic suction square mirror
The back of the bracket directly into the back of the round mirror

GND Gradient Mirror

Innovative rear embedded round mirror

Flexible solution to the pain of filter stacking

Bracket installation steps

H&Y has official photographers working all over the world

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