H&Y Filter Swift Magnetic Matte Box VND ND CPL Filter Landscape Photography & Long-Exposure Kit Series

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H&Y Swift Sea Swallow Series VND Shade bucket insert filter system

The REVORING Swift System can be divided into 3 layers (🇦 BASE , 🇧 Bridge & 🇨 TOP ACCESSORIES). The 🇦 BASE layeris our REVORING, allowing you to use the entire system on any lens thread. The 2nd layer is the 🇧 BRIDGE, you can decide the components (VND, Drop-in filter or just a Bridge ring) based on your filter needs. The top layer is the 🇨 TOP ACCESSORIES. You can choose to add either the Square Filter Holder, Matte Box or Hood. The 3 layers can be magnetically attached to each other, making installation extremely easy.

Magnetic suction installation principle

A is the lens connection accessories, B is the magnetic suction of the intermediate accessories, C is the magnetic suction of the terminal accessories

Must be A + B + C together with the use (except for non-conventional lens A3 + C1 or A3 + C2)

Combination of products-1

Basic set (for entry-level photographers)

Combination of products-2

Insert package (landscape photography, long exposure tools, suitable for professional photographers)

Combination of products-3

VND set (scenery advanced, blockbuster tools, suitable for professional photographers)

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