H&Y Filter VND ND CPL Filter Magnetic Matte Box Landscape Photography & Long-Exposure Kit Series

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Magnetic Filter Holder System Landscape photography video creation in one shot

What is REVORING Swift System?

The REVORING Swift System is a fully Magnetic Modular Filter System for Photographers and Filmmakers to tailor a system for his/her own needs.  It is comprised of a 100mm Filter Holder, Circular Filters, Square Filters, Drop-in Filters, Clip-on Filters, Matte Boxes, Hoods and Caps, ALL-IN-ONE. The Swift system saves you a great amount of installation time,  saves you a lot of money from buying filters & step rings, and allows for countless filter combinations & creative possibilities.

Easy installation/Permanent magnetic/Stable and non-slip/Protective square mirror

We know Photographers need the fastest tools to help capture that magic moment. We also know Filmmaker need a seamless system to save the installation time. The FULL Magnetic design of the SWIFT system enables lightning fast swap and installation of filters & matte boxes.

Swift Haiyan Series Combination schematic

Adapt to a variety of photographic base and scene needs, a set to go around the world

Combination of products-1

Basic set (for photographers with square lenses or entry-level photographers)

Combination of products-2

Insert package (landscape photography, long exposure tools, suitable for professional photographers)

Combination of products-3

VND set (scenery advanced, blockbuster tools, suitable for professional photographers)

H&Y provides a vast amount of drop-in and square creative filter solutions for both photography and videography, allowing you to be creative with various filter combinations in your shootings.

H&Y has official photographers working all over the world

Join us for this visual feast!

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