H&Y Filter RevoRing Black Mist 1/4 Portrait Photography 58-82mm Video Kit Series

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Make your life dramatic

The Black Mist filter is an effects filter that reduces the contrast between highlights and shadows.

When used for backlighting or night scenes, the light source diffuses, dramatically changing everyday life.


One filte cpvers different lenses
Create a movie atmosphere let‘s have avisual feast

Achieve lens group coverage to meet a variety of shooting needs

RevoRing Black Mist is an optical glass soft filter infused with a fine black diffusion material whose main function is to suppress highlights and shaded black contrast, reduce excessive sharpness in the focal area, and provide a soft image.

The RevoRing Variable Adapter and ultra-high definition black soft focus mirror are integrated into an innovative Black Mist filter designed for ultra-wide angle construction. Save time and money, easy to carry, improve the efficiency of the creation, with the hands of the film-quality blockbuster.

Innovative variable technology Cleverly designed retractable card slot

Adjustable caliber, only one filter is needed to cover the lens group

Ultra Wide-Angle Structure | Eliminates Dark Corner Images

Black soft filter is mostly used for wide-angle lens, fixed focal length lens in the portrait photography, video shooting, in order to prevent dark corners, innovative 2-in-1 black soft filter design structure for the super wide-angle, filter caliber is greater than the caliber of the catch ring two levels, light into the light uniformity, the quality of the picture is worry-free!

Showcase - Effects of using black mist filter

Editorial Reviews

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