H&Y Filter RevoRing Variable Neutral Density ND3-1000 Filter 67-82mm

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Product Development Story

H&Y's REVORING is the most advanced stepped ring adapter that turns the common knowledge of stepped rings for camera lenses on its head. With its innovative and cleverly designed variable blade technology, REVORING allows you to use one filter for multiple lenses, eliminating the need for multiple step rings. It's so easy to use, many people say so. "Why hasn't this been available before?" H&Y is proud to have developed this adjustable step ring to meet so many needs.

After nearly three years of development and extensive field testing, REVORING is closer to reality. We made sure that our manufacturing process, materials and quality met your expectations of H&Y. We are confident that image makers around the world will be excited about this new concept and that the REVORING system will become an indispensable partner for photographers and filmmakers everywhere!

Active in both video and stills

The REVORING VND+CPL combination is an essential tool for video and still photography. With REVORING mounted on the lens, you can use a wide range of ND densities with just the touch of your finger. In addition, we use high quality Japanese Nitto polarizing film to achieve high polarization of up to 99.9%.

REVORING VND+CPL is available in ND densities ranging from ND3 to ND1000, which is equivalent to 1.5 to 10 stops of light control in photography.


The H&Y REVORING and REVORING Variable ND+ CPL filter system uses a single filter that can be attached to lenses of various apertures. They can be easily attached and detached by simply mounting and twisting slightly. We also took into account the need for the filter to be securely attached to the lens so that it does not fall off. The strength of the blades and the separate threads ensure that REVORING is securely attached to your lens.

High Durability

Regarding the manufacture of the REVORING housing and its internal mechanism, we have realized the design by considering various materials and using 6063 aluminum, which is strong and also used for construction materials.

High Quality Glass and Coating

To protect the glass from the unpredictable elements that every photographer and filmmaker faces when shooting outdoors, REVORING VND+CPL filters feature stain-, water- and scratch-resistant nano-coating technology. The coating collects water droplets in one place and can be easily removed with a lens cloth. The strong coating will not flake off or leave stubborn stains on the glass.

Schott B270® glass also features an anti-reflection coating that maximizes the elimination of all glare and reflections from the front and back. This helps eliminate unwanted reflections and allows more visible light to pass through the glass, providing the highest light transmission and maintaining the natural imaging capabilities of the lens. Whether shooting at 16mm wide angle or 400mm telephoto, the glass and coatings used in REVORING VND+CPL filters produce sharp images with up to 10 levels of light reduction.Each glass side of REVORING is coated with nine layers of these coatings.

Adjustable scrim for color fidelity no color cast

Multi-speed limit, fast adjustment, precise reduction, easy to grasp the wonderful moments.

Editorial Reviews

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