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H&Y Filter Drop-in Night Filter

H&Y Filter Drop-in Night Filter

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Scope of delivery :

  • 1 x Swift Drop-In Night Filter
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    Product Information: H&Y Swift Drop-In Night Filter

    The H&Y Swift Drop-In Night Filter is a specialized tool designed to enhance night photography by reducing light pollution. Perfect for both astronomical and urban night photography, this filter absorbs sodium light, which commonly causes light pollution. With a 9-layer multi-coating, it ensures superior image clarity and minimal reflections. The drop-in design allows for quick and secure insertion into the Swift 95mm Drop-In Filter Rack Modular (B), facilitating easy swooping without disrupting the overall setup. This system supports additional Modular (C) accessories like the Swift Magnetic 100mm Filter Holder, Swift Magnetic Matte Box, and Swift Lens Hood.

    When to Use a Night Filter?

    A Night Filter is perfect for:

    • Astronomical Photography: Enhancing the visibility of stars and celestial objects by reducing light pollution from sodium streetlights.
    • Urban Night Photography: Capturing clearer and more detailed cityscapes at night by minimizing the effects of artificial lighting.
    • Scenic Night Photography: Producing more natural and vibrant images of landscapes at night by filtering out unwanted light.
    • Long Exposure Shots: Improving the quality of long exposure night shots by reducing the orange glow often caused by streetlights.

    Why Choose H&Y Swift Drop-In Night Filter?

    • High-Quality Optics: Made from HD MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating) glass, ensuring superior image clarity and color accuracy, delivering professional-grade results.
    • Drop-In Design: Allows for quick and secure insertion into the Swift 95mm Drop-In Filter Rack, enabling easy swooping without affecting the overall setup.
    • Durability and Protection: The magnetic frame facilitates easy filter changes and adds a protective layer to the filter, reducing the risk of damage from accidental drops.
    • Ease of Use: The simple drop-in mechanism ensures hassle-free operation, with no precise adjustments required.
    • Versatility: Compatible with the Swift 95mm Drop-In Filter Rack, supporting additional Modular (C) accessories.
    • Robust Construction: Constructed with durable materials, the filter and its frame are built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 1 x Swift Drop-In Night Filter

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