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H&Y Filter 100x100mm MRC Mist White Filter With Frame

H&Y Filter 100x100mm MRC Mist White Filter With Frame

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Scope of delivery :

  • 1 x 100x100mm MRC White Pro Mist Filter with Magnetic Frame
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    Product Information: H&Y Filter 100x100mm MRC Mist White Filter With Magnetic Frame

    The H&Y 100x100mm MRC Mist White Filter offers exceptional quality and versatility, designed to soften light and reduce harsh contrasts while maintaining superior image clarity. Featuring multi-resistant coating (MRC) glass, this filter ensures top-tier performance. The innovative magnetic frame fits the Modular (C) Swift 100mm Filter Holder, enabling quick filter swaps and stacking capabilities, while also providing extra protection for your filter. Available in 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 filter options, you can achieve varying levels of mist effect according to your creative needs.

    When to Use a Mist White Filter?

    A Mist White Filter is perfect for occasions where you want to soften light and reduce harsh contrasts. It’s especially useful for:

    • Portraits: Creating a soft, flattering look by smoothing skin tones and reducing blemishes.

    • Wedding Photography: Adding a romantic, ethereal feel to your images.

    • Landscapes: Enhancing the atmosphere by adding a foggy, mystical quality to morning or evening shots.

    • Cinematic Videos: Achieving a dreamy, cinematic effect with smooth highlights and reduced harsh shadows.

    Why Choose H&Y 100x100mm MRC Mist White Filter With Magnetic Frame?

    • High-Quality Optics: Made from HD MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating) glass, this filter ensures superior image clarity and color accuracy, delivering professional-grade results.

    • Magnetic Frame: The magnetic frame allows for quick and secure attachment, enabling you to stack this Mist filter with other H&Y filters effortlessly. This design enhances convenience and flexibility in the field.

    • Durability and Protection: The magnetic frame not only makes filter changes quick and easy but also adds a protective layer to the filter, reducing the risk of damage from accidental drops.

    • Precise Adjustments: The filter frame includes a high-quality scale, allowing you to make precise adjustments to the filter’s position. This feature is particularly useful for achieving the desired mist effect.

    • Versatility: Compatible with the Swift Magnetic 100mm Filter Holder for Revoring, this Mist filter integrates smoothly into the Swift system, providing a modular and efficient workflow.

    • Robust Construction: Constructed with durable materials, the filter and its frame are built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 1 x 100x100mm MRC Mist White Filter with Magnetic Frame

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