Why Choose RevoSwift Series Filters?

What makes RevoSwift Series unique?

The RevoSwift Series is an advanced version of the RevoRing, incorporating both an adjustable blade mechanism and a magnetic system. This dual feature allows for seamless switching between photography and videography modes, catering to diverse shooting needs.

What are the benefits of using RevoSwift adjustable filters?

RevoSwift filters provide unmatched convenience with their adjustable mechanism and magnetic system, enabling quick transitions and secure attachment of filters. This flexibility enhances creative control and efficiency for both photographers and videographers.

Do RevoSwift filters require any additional adaptor, or can I use them straight away?

RevoSwift filters do not require additional adaptors. They are designed for direct use, fitting securely onto your lens with ease.

How do RevoSwift series enhance both photography & videography?

RevoSwift filters offer precise light and glare control for photographers, improving exposure and image quality. For videographers, the system allows smooth transitions and quick adjustments, ensuring consistent lighting and high-quality footage.

Are RevoSwift series easy to use?

Yes, the RevoSwift series is user-friendly. Its adjustable and magnetic mechanisms allow for quick and easy attachment to various lens sizes, making filter changes efficient and hassle-free.

How to Use RevoSwift Filters?

How do I attach RevoSwift series filters to my lens?

Adjust the RevoSwift to fit your lens thread size, then secure it by tightening the mechanism. Attach the desired filter using the magnetic system for a quick and reliable fit.

What lens sizes are compatible with RevoSwift filters?

RevoSwift filters accommodate lens thread sizes of 46-62mm, 58-77mm, 67-82mm, and 82-95mm. For detailed size guidance, please refer to the purchase guideline.

What steps should I follow to use RevoSwift Filters?

  1. Adjust the RevoSwift to match your lens thread size.
  2. Secure the RevoSwift on your lens.
  3. Attach your desired filter using the magnetic system.

What is the advantage of using RevoSwift instead of Step-Up Rings?

The RevoSwift system eliminates the need for multiple step-up rings, offering a single, adjustable solution. This reduces the bulk of carrying multiple rings and allows for rapid filter changes, enhancing shooting efficiency.