Why Choose EVO Series Filters?

What makes EVO Series Filters unique?

The EVO Series Filters by H&Y feature a dual mounting system that combines magnetic and screw-in options, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility. This design ensures quick attachment and a secure fit, giving photographers versatile options for various shooting conditions.

What are the benefits of using EVO Series Filters?

EVO Series Filters allow for fast and easy magnetic mounting with the EVO Base Adaptor, saving valuable time during shoots. Additionally, they can be used as traditional screw-in filters, providing versatile options for different photography needs. Each EVO filter can also be used as a stand-alone product, allowing users to screw it in directly.

Do EVO Series Filters come with an adaptor?

Yes, most EVO filters come with a free EVO Base Adaptor (excluding protection filters). This allows you to use the filters with either the magnetic mounting system or as screw-in filters.

How do EVO Series Filters enhance my photography?

EVO Series Filters are made with high-quality materials and coatings, ensuring superior optical performance. This guarantees excellent image clarity and durability, making them a reliable choice for both amateur and professional photographers.

Are EVO Series Filters easy to use ?

Yes, the magnetic mounting system of EVO Series Filters allows for quick and effortless attachment and removal, making them user-friendly and efficient, especially in fast-paced shooting environments.

How to Use EVO Series Filters?

How do I attach EVO Series Filters to my lens?

Start by attaching the EVO Base Adaptor to your camera lens. Once the adaptor is securely in place, you can easily mount any EVO filter magnetically. Alternatively, you can screw the filter directly onto your lens if you prefer.

What steps should I follow to use an EVO Filter?

1. Attach the EVO Base Adaptor to the lens directly.

2. Attach the EVO filter to the base adaptor magnetically.
Alternatively, screw in the EVO filter directly without the adaptor.

What are the advantages of the magnetic mounting system?

The magnetic mounting system allows for rapid attachment and removal of filters, which is particularly useful in dynamic shooting environments where time is of the essence. It also reduces the wear and tear on your camera lens threads.

How do I switch between different EVO filters quickly?

With the EVO Base Adaptor attached to your lens, switching between different EVO filters is as simple as detaching one filter and magnetically attaching another. This quick-change capability ensures you can adapt to changing light conditions and creative needs on the fly.