Vieri Bottazzini H&Y Brand Ambassador Since 2021

Vieri Bottazzini is an Italian Fine Art landscape photographer and educator, with a personal style rooted in pure photographic craftsmanship. Passionate about the outdoors, Vieri believes in honouring the majestic power of our planet’s beauty by creating his iconic images using unadulterated photography only. Through his powerful black & white and subtly post-processed colour images, Vieri tells stories about the relationship between nature and mankind, exploring the concepts of time and of the surreal. Vieri’s Fine Art work has been viewed millions of times on social media and featured on leading publications such as Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG, Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine, and more.

Vieri leads truly limited attendance 3-people Workshops in places like Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Scotland, England, the USA, Italy, France and Spain, where he shares his knowledge and his art with his Alumni without holding back. Vieri’s diverse and vast Portfolio is the culmination of over a decade of passion, love and craftsmanship, of months spent on the road every year, of hundreds of kilometres of hikes and most of all, of a lifetime’s devotion to art.

Through his work and tutoring, Vieri aims to inspire others to embrace their inner artist and find their own path to self-expression.

Then he realized a video review for K System

Please enjoy the photo by Vieri Bottazzini

Luca Mich H&Y Brand Ambassador Since 2022

He's a famous landscape and macro photographer. 

Realized a video tutorial about ND filters:

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Michele Dalla Palma H&Y Brand Ambassador Since 2023

Michele Dalla Palma

A professional journalist and photographer for more than 40 years, explorer and great traveler, coordinator for Italy of the National Geographic Photography Expeditions project from 2018 to 2022, he has carried out about thirty expeditions to every continent and published more than 500 photoreports from every corner of the planet for the Italian and international press. For fifteen years he was Editor-in-Chief of the leading magazine on Italian newsstands dedicated to outdoor tourism. Founder and Director of the FotoVideoAcademy Italia School of Photography, he is a Master Teacher at the Nikon School and holds photojournalism courses and workshops in Italy and abroad. As a videomaker, he has produced over 300 hours of television programs dedicated to exploration, adventure and ethnographic documentation for RAI and SKY. He has published twenty-five books dedicated to photography and travel stories, with major Italian publishers. His photographic exhibitions "Eyes on the World" and Poacher of Emotions" have been exhibited in major European cities.

In 2017, one of his images was included among the 100 selected by Nikon, to celebrate its century of life, in the photographic volume "It's a Nikon, it's an Icon."

Please enjoy the photo by Michele Dalla Palma