H&Y Filter Magnetic MRC HD Balancer GND16 Filter Kit 67~95mm

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EH&Y Filter Magnetic MRC HD Balancer GND16/32 Filter Kit

Magnetic MRC HD Balancer GND16/32 Filter Kit is a magnetic removable filter that is ready to install and remove. The magnetized Balancer GND filter and magnet adapter ring are included as a set!

Vacuum coating realizes ideal GND coating. Neutral GND coating for use without worrying about color deviation.

Heat-treated tempered glass for high durability * Anti-static, dirt-repellent, water-repellent, scratch-resistant, low-reflective coating (double-sided coating) * Homogeneous GND coating with no color transfer * High-flatness polishing technology thanks to HD * Graduated ND for partially dimming * Magnet for quick mounting/dismounting and swivel * Thin-frame design prevents vignetting, even when using wide-angle lenses

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