H&Y Filter Magnetic Circular Night Filter Kit

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H&Y Filter Magnetic Circular Night Filter Kit

CPL filters, ND filters, Black mist filters and magnetic lens caps can be attached and removed with the magnetic circular night filter. It can also be placed on top of the magnet type UV filter instead of the included magnet  adapter is a starry night filter that absorbs sodium light that causes light pollution. The smudge-proof and waterproof coating prevents the coating from being scratched, making it ready for long-term use.

Magnetic Circular Night Filter* Double-sided multi-layer nano-coating* Water-, smudge-, and scratch-resistant coating* High color reproduction* Absorption of sodium light, a source of light pollution* 9-layer multi-layer coating* High-definition polishing technology for flatness* Quick mounting and dismounting with magnets* Thin-frame design prevents vignetting, even with wide-angle lenses.

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