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(H&Y) Filter Drop-in Black Mist White Promist 1/2 1/4 1/8 Filter

(H&Y) Filter Drop-in Black Mist White Promist 1/2 1/4 1/8 Filter

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      H&Y Drop-in Black Mist/White Promist Filter

      The K series embedded white Promist filter is an embedded filter that can be used with H&Y's patented 100mm magnetic square filter holder. It can be used by inserting it into the holder from above, and it is very easy to wear and use in combination with a variety of ND filters to broaden the range of expression, and it can be used for landscape photography, portraits, etc., and it is recommended to be used for astrophotography as well.

      The soft effect wraps around the entire filter to achieve a soft, dreamy expression. Originally widely used in the film industry, this filter is widely used for portraits, movies, desktop photos, landscapes, snapshots and more. Compared to the Black mist filter, the effect of the White Promist filter is easier to see even in daylight and easier to handle in astrophotography!

      White Promist filters diffuse light by kneading a white granular diffusion material into the glass to create a soft effect. Elliptical diffusion, but the best feature of White Promist filters is that they diffuse light evenly and soften the overall image without sacrificing clarity. A filter that achieves both clarity and softness at the same time, designed to maximize performance [White Promist Features] *Nano-coated for excellent water resistance, smudge resistance, and scratch resistance

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