H&Y Filter Magnetic Circular ND1000 Filter

Why is Long-Exposure ND Filter Landscape Photography Must-Have?

BY : H&YFilter

In the daily shooting we will use a variety of filters to achieve a variety of shooting effects, common filters are ND filters, CPL filters, UV filters, soft focus lenses, etc., and ND filters are the most used in landscape photography the highest rate of a kind of filter.

This time I use H&Y magnetic ND filter kit, including magnetic catch, nd8, nd64, nd1000 three lenses and filter cover.

This magnetic filter adopts a small diameter and large magnetic circuit design, which can make the magnetic suction and the filter perfect combination, and each lens weighs only 14g, compact and lightweight easy to carry.

Magnetic design can make the installation more convenient, just need to install the magnetic ring to the lens, select a good lens can be used after a gently put, switching between different gears of the lens also need to gently take down can, in the attempt to try the same position different effects when the experience is directly full, no longer need to worry about changes in the camera position.


In landscape photography photographers will use ND filters to shoot the water stream drawing or traffic light track, although using slow shutter shooting can shoot the drawing effect, but ND filters can also be used to eliminate moving people or objects in the picture through the long exposure, so as to make the shooting easier and more efficient, so that the picture becomes more atmospheric sense.

Maybe, you have experienced in the daytime shooting, has lowered the parameters a lot, but the picture still seems to be cluttered, in the shooting of the sea, streaming clouds, people can not shoot the feeling of flow, this time you need a ND filter, H&Y magnetic ND filter kit is a good choice.

The above are not using filters and the use of a single filter comparison effect, in the shooting process, in addition to the use of a single filter, we can also be based on the needs of the shooting superimposed on the use of multiple filters, such as the use of video using ND filters and CPL filters, ND filters and soft-focus lenses to be used in the superposition, or photographs will be more than one piece of ND to be superimposed.

For example, we use ND2 (1 stop) and ND4 (2 stops) stacked, you can get a piece of ND8 (3 stops) effect.

The more filters you stack, the more the lens thickness increases, which not only affects the image quality, but also causes problems such as color cast and dark corners.

When shooting the same effect of photos, the effect of a single filter is higher than the effect of multiple filters stacked, so we need to buy a variety of different gear filters for different shooting needs.

In addition, the H&Y Magnetic ND Filter Kit also includes a magnetic lens cap, which can play a role in protecting the filters when we don't need to shoot for the time being (PS: it is not recommended to stack the filter cap when stacking multiple magnetic filters when walking around, as it is easy to fall down if you are not careful about bumping).

For easy storage, H&Y filters also provide a filter organizer bag, which is not only resistant to drops and shocks, but also has an independent compartment design for storing multiple round filters, making it easier for us to carry them.


The filter is made of brand-new material, not only shock-resistant and drop-resistant, but also waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof, and it is compact and convenient. The most important thing is that the installation is also too easy, a put a suck can be used, you can quickly switch between different filters in multiple scenes.

The filter kit can choose 67mm, 77mm, 82mm three sizes, suitable for photographers who only have a single lens to use, go out and carry very convenient, in addition to covering 67, 77, 82 and other caliber lenses, with a small to large lens adapter ring can continue to be compatible with small caliber lenses.

As a necessary accessory for daily shooting, on top of the normal UV lens, H&Y has also launched an unprecedented magnetic integrated UV lens.

If there is a need to use other filters, H&Y also has black soft lens, brushed lens, starlight lens and other magnetic accessories to meet different shooting needs. You can easily change the mirror without affecting the shooting, making photography more diverse and colorful!