H&Y Magnetic Black Mist Filter White Promist Filter photo

The Black Mist Filter can give you the movie vibe you want

BY : H&YFilter

I'm very honored to work with H&Y filter brand, I've experienced their magnetic black and soft filter for more than a month, I'm very satisfied with the appearance and design of this filter, the experience of using it as well as the shooting effect, it's really a very good filter product.

When I got my hands on this Black Soft Mirror, I was immediately attracted to its simple and premium packaging, with the full English logo on the paper shell packaging adding a high-end feel to the product.

This set of filters is equipped with ultra-thin magnetic connection ring and a piece of filter, the overall is very small and thin, the lens thickness is as thin as 1.8mm, magnetic to magnetic adsorption, easy to install, a suck can be.

And the filter case is also equipped with a drop-proof design, which can effectively protect the filter lens, and the lens itself adopts multi-layer nano-coating, with waterproof and anti-scratch characteristics.

Secondly, I would like to share my experience in the shooting process, we all know that one of the biggest pain points of using filters is the cumbersome installation and use, as well as different lenses require different adapter sizes, which leads to the need for photographers to carry a large number of filters in the outside shooting, which creates a lot of burdens for the shooting.

HY's set of magnetic black soft filters is very much in line with the needs of the majority of photographers, its magnetic design greatly reduces the photographer in the shooting of the cumbersome installation process, the installation of the magnetic filter ring installed in the lens and then magnetic filter can be, and the fit is very strong, will not fall off, but also can be quickly change the mirror to be able to easily switch between a variety of shooting scenarios.

Secondly, for different lens caliber, H&Y's REVORING adjustable adapter ring can also be equipped with this magnetic filter kit, which can be applied to a wide range of lens sizes, which means that you don't need to change filters for other mounts when changing lenses.

I now only need to carry a 67-82mm adjustable adapter ring when I go out shooting, and it can easily adapt to both 72mm and 82mm caliber lenses, both of which are designed to allow photographers to more fully utilize their time for creativity.

Finally, I would like to share the shooting effect of the filter, through the shooting test in this period of time, the filter performance is excellent, both the dark corners and ghosting are well controlled, and the color reproduction is very high, which can satisfy the photographer's various shooting needs.

In portrait photography, the Black Soft filter can soften the highlights very well, reduce the contrast of the picture, and give the photo a certain cinematic texture, which can be a great tool for portrait photography! Overall, this collaboration introduced me to HY as a brand that is very attuned to the needs of photographers' picture image filters.


They are designed from a photographer's point of view to make the use of filters more user-friendly and convenient. Moreover, HY filters are excellent in terms of workmanship and quality, and the results of using them are satisfactory.

In addition to Black & Soft filters, HY also produces various types of filters, including ND filters, CPL filters, asterisk filters and so on, which can meet the different needs of photographic creators, whether it is portrait photography, landscape photography or video shooting.

To summarize, I am impressed by HY Black Soft Filter. It is not only exquisite in appearance and design, but also provides excellent using experience and outstanding shooting effect.

As a photography enthusiast, I have developed a strong interest in HY Filter brand, who designs filter products that meet the needs of photographic creation with the photographer in mind. I heartily recommend HY Black & Soft Filter, and I believe it will become the right-hand man for every photographer in their creation.

Last but not least, I would like to thank HY Filter Brand for providing me this opportunity to experience their filters, and I look forward to more cooperation with them in the future and more wonderful photography works.


This content creation from: Photographer YiKeDaGuangQuan