Suitable For All My Camera Lenses | H&Y Filter REVORING

Suitable For All My Camera Lenses | H&Y Filter REVORING

BY : H&YFilter

When I first saw the H&Y REVORING 3-in-1 VND+CPL filter, it was at an awards event, and a friend beside me showed me this filter, which completely overturned my perception of photographic accessories, and it perfectly solved the problem of carrying various caliber filters when I go out shooting.

I love H&Y REVORING 3-in-1 VND+CPL filter and REVORING 2-in-1 black mist filters, both of which are adjustable caliber series, which are not only convenient and easy to use, but also suitable for all my current lenses, and are the filters I use the most in my daily shooting.

RevoRing Black Mist White Promist Filter


Since my childhood, I have had a longing for photography, and in those days when there were no smartphones or internet, the seed of recording images was quietly planted in my heart.

With the progress of the times, I have enough ability to pursue this love, from smart phones to professional cameras, I have realized my childhood wish step by step in my favorite way, capturing the life and the beautiful scenery around me.

Photography, for me, has long been more than just a hobby or profession, but a way of life and emotional support. It takes me into the embrace of nature, recording those stunning landscapes and moments of beauty.

On the road of photography, I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in some local cultural and tourism shooting projects, and at the same time, I created my own studio, became an independent photographer, and made many like-minded friends.

These experiences have not only enriched my vision and life experience, but also made me love this world and this profession more. I believe that in the days to come, I will continue to record more beauty and warmth with my lens, and make this world a better place because of my existence.

On the way to the shoot, I experienced many memorable moments. One of them was particularly impressive during one of the Sea of Clouds shoots in the summer of 2023. We left at 3:00 a.m. and as we approached our destination, the visibility at the top of the mountain was only 2 meters.

We had to hike the last 2 kilometers to reach the shooting location, carrying a weight of 30 pounds, after reaching the summit, I was almost powerless to continue shooting, coupled with the extremely bad weather, there is not a trace of the sea of clouds.

Fellow partners nearly give up, and I firmly believe that hard-won, there may be unexpected gains, when the drone penetrates the morning fog, an absolute sea of clouds in front of us, at that moment, time seems to stand still, only the heartbeat echoed.

Maybe it doesn't matter what you shoot, but that kind of persistence and perseverance touches me deeply, and it makes me still keep my love in the ravages of life, and always have tears in my eyes!


This content creation from: Photographer Liu Sen