REVORING – the Variable Step Ring Adapter now on Kickstarter by Jakub Han

REVORING – the Variable Step Ring Adapter now on Kickstarter by Jakub Han

By Jakub Han

REVORING is a new variable step ring filter adapter from H&Y. It features an innovative mechanism that eliminates the need for multiple filters or step-up rings. The adapter includes blades that form a retractable diaphragm and can, therefore, be mounted on various thread diameters – from 37 to 95mm. REVORING is available either as a standalone ring or in a set with VND and Circular Polarizer set in a Kickstarter campaign now.

REVORING Variable Filter Adapter

REVORING is a variable filter adapter that eliminates the need for multiple filter sizes or step-up rings. The key to its design is its innovative, retractable, and variable diaphragm. It comprises of multiple springs-mount blades and allows the REVORING to make 1 filter applicable to multiple lenses.

The adapter has been manufactured entirely from 6063 aluminum and finished in a matte black anodized coating to be protected from adverse weather conditions.

There are currently three sizes available:

  • Adapter for lenses with 37 – 49mm filter thread, provides 52mm screw-in filter thread
  • Adapter for lenses with 46 – 62mm filter thread, provides 67mm screw-in filter thread
  • Adapter for lenses with 67 – 82mm filter thread, provides 82mm screw-in filter thread

This fourth size might be unlocked as a stretch goal on Kickstarter if the campaign progresses and reaches a specific level of backing.

  • Adapter for lenses with 82 – 95mm filter thread, provides 95mm screw-in filter thread

REVORING VND Circular Polarizer Filter

Furthermore, H&Y offers the REVORING in a set with the variable neutral density & circular polariser combination filter. The filter offers a wide range of ND3 to ND1000, which roughly equates to a minimum of 1.5, through to 10 stops of light control. The Circular Polarizer section of the filter has been made with Japanese Nitto polarizing film which, according to H&Y, offers up to 99.9% polarizing efficiency.

The German Schott B270 glass used on the filter includes Anti-Reflective coating to suppress flare and reflections. Anti-Fingerprint & Waterproof Nano-Coating Technology has also been applied to the filter to preserve the glass from unpredictable factors.

There is a hard stop at the MAX point shown on the filter ring, restricting the movement of the VND filter beyond the maximum 10 stops (ND1000). The VND and CPL positions can be controlled via a guide fitted to the VND frame filter.

Laser markings on the outer edge of the VND ring will be calculated and applied based on the maximum focal length before any crossfade appears. There will be a chart available on the H&Y website offering guidance with a variety of lenses and sensors.

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