Review | H&Y Revoring Variable Adapter Ring Experience

Review | H&Y Revoring Variable Adapter Ring Experience

BY : H&YFilter

H&Y REVORING variable adapter ring adopts innovative variable technology, cleverly designed telescopic slot, its caliber can be independently adjusted for different lens sizes, realizing the innovative design of using one piece of filter for multiple lenses.

This adapter ring can not only achieve full coverage of the lens group, but also reduces the tediousness of replacing lenses to install filters, the overall screw-in non-notched pressure spring design, which allows the adapter ring to safely lock the lens, effectively protect the lens and reduce the risk of falling filters.

Very simple in operation, quick and easy to load and remove, it can be adapted to any one of the filters, whether it is CPL filter or ND filter, are competent.

In the outdoor shooting REVORING variable adapter ring can be realized quickly change the camera to change the mirror, easy to use and efficient, a ring multi-purpose, do not have to go out to carry more than one filter and ring, so you do not miss every moment of the beautiful scenery.