H&Y Revoring Variable Neutral Density ND3-1000 + Circular Polarizer

Recommended | REVORING VND+CPL 3-In-1 Filter For Travel Photographers

BY : H&YFilter

Traveling. It's exploring across geography.

It's the process of documenting the rain and shine

In this ever-changing world.

I will capture every different image with my lens.

In environments where there is a lot of light

It is very important to use ND filters.

But, various filters and external adapter rings, the

and cumbersome mounting methods.

It is also a test for shooting outside!

Until I came across the H&Y RevoRing VND+CPL 3-in-1 Filter.

I finally found the most practical filter for my travel photography journey!

I took it with me to Xinjiang.

I took it with me to Xinjiang, where I captured beautiful images of green grass and wildflowers in full bloom.

Whether you use filters to shoot landscapes or portraits.

The filters are rich in detail and texture.

The 3-in-1 filter has a smooth toggle lever.

It includes a light reduction function from 1.5 to 10 stops, as well as a CPL polarizer function.

and a CPL polarizer.

It gives me more freedom and flexibility on the road of travel photography.

The thing that impresses me most about this filter that

is the adjustable telescopic aperture of 67-82mm.

It can cover all my current lens groups.

Now all I have to do is bring these filters with me when I'm on the road!

I can fulfill my shooting needs on the road!


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