H&Y RevoRing Variable ND Camera Lens Filter

Photography is a journey of self-discovery

"First of all, I would like to thank H&Y Filters for giving me this opportunity to be a collaborative photographer with H&Y, and I plan to travel all over the country with H&Y's filters in 2024 to see a wider world and create more excellent works."


In 2018 I began to go to study how to shoot short videos, and went to buy photographic equipment, learning a variety of tutorials, often sitting at the computer until late at night 2-3 o'clock, and gradually immersed in the fun of this shooting video, which is probably the most important reason for my contact with the field of photography, and also verified the saying: "Interest is the best teacher! ".

In the past few years of exposure to photography, I gradually transformed into an independent photographer and created my own media account. I sincerely thank photography for opening up a whole new world for me and giving me many opportunities to shake hands with the world.

As the number of likes and plays on Tiktok continued to grow, my popularity gradually increased, attracting more attention from the A-list. They reached out to me and wanted me to photograph projects or products for them, which provided more opportunities and resources for my creativity.

Photography has brought me not only a change in value, but more importantly, it has allowed me to find my own value and direction, some of my local friends will come to follow me to learn how to shoot short videos, and at the same time, I have been able to have more time and energy to devote to the creation of photography, and continue to pursue a higher level of art, so that I can be more confident and determined in the pursuit of my own dreams.

In the journey of life, there is always that one adventure that I will never forget. In this summer my wife and I drove together to Bama Peak, which is a place hidden between the mountains and has endless charm.

It was the first time that my wife and I climbed the peak of over 5000 meters above sea level, where the atmosphere was thin and extremely oxygen-deprived, as if every step challenged the limit of life. With the increase in altitude, the vehicle gradually unable to adapt to such an environment, and eventually we were forced to stop halfway up the mountain.

But the love of photography and the desire to explore the unknown drove us to keep going. We supported each other, and finally, after countless attempts and efforts, we succeeded in capturing the magnificent images of bama.

At that moment, all the fatigue vanished, and only a sense of accomplishment and pride remained in our hearts. We looked at each other and smiled, feeling gratified by the beauty and difficulty of this moment. This trip to Xixiabama not only let us harvest countless beautiful photos, but also became an unforgettable experience in my life. Every time I think of that day, the excitement and emotion will come back to me again!

The H&Y filters are very well made and you can feel the product manager's care in designing them, especially the innovative features are impressive, such as the magnetic function and the adjustable aperture design.

My favorite H&Y REVORING VND+CPL is the 3-in-1 filter, which allows me to focus on shooting videos. Whenever I teach photography to my students, I always recommend H&Y's adjustable nd filters, and it makes me proud to see H&Y filters at the top of the sales charts, as a H&Y co-photographer.


This content creation from: Photographer Wang Biao

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