New H&Y REVORING Variable Adapter Ring Color Custom

New H&Y REVORING Variable Adapter Ring Color Custom

BY : H&YFilter

H&Y REVORING Variable Adapter Ring has been on the market since
Since its launch, its production process, use and convenience, have been favored by customers.
has been well received by our customers. It is also an accessory with a high repurchase rate.

at the same time, it can cover multiple lens groups, It can be fitted with any brand of circular threaded filters, It realizes the multi-purpose of one ring! You don't need to carry multiple filters and adapter rings when you go out. It can be mounted and dismounted in a second, and quickly change the camera and lens. Satisfy the needs of multi-scene switching!

In order for everyone to experience the diversity of the H&Y filter system. Enjoy the innovation of the REVORING series of filters. H&Y Filters has recently launched the REVORING Adjustable Adapter Ring in customized colors!

The REVORING Adjustable Adapter Ring is available in customized colors. The colors are: Red (67-82mm) Vintage Green (67-82mm) Titanium Gray (67-82mm)

Supporting the use of lenses in the 67-82mm aperture range, the (Front mounted 82mm filter)