How to Use H&Y White Mist Filters for Cinematic Look?

How to Use H&Y White Mist Filters for Cinematic Look?

As we all know, the main role of the H&Y white mist filter is to soften the image, reduce the contrast of the screen, adjust the shadow of the screen, or according to the needs of creation to form a special screen effect, so as to make the picture taken more interesting.

Shooting with a white mist soft filter

Among them, soft lenses are divided into black and white mist soft two kinds, the two production process is different, black mist soft is recently began to popularize. The main function of the black mist soft is to inhibit the contrast of highlights and darkness, to reduce the focus part of the excessive sharpness, in order to obtain a softer picture under the premise, but also do not have to worry too much about overexposure of the picture.

Shooting with a white mist soft filter

While the White Mist Soft filter will soften the picture globally, the contrast of the highlights will be reduced and a halo will be created to soften the picture.

Black and white mist soft also play a very important role in portrait photography, can make the photo softer, warmer, to create a movie dreamy effect.

As a portrait photographer, soft filters are also a filter accessory that I often use, and I usually like to study a variety of photographic styles, and this time H&Y filter launched a series of magnetic filters white mist soft filters, which is just right to meet my recent shooting needs.

So, in this installment, we're going to explore with H&Y Filter, how to use the White Mist Filter to take a set of French-style atmospheric portraits.

White Mist Soft Filter's gear difference and function

This time I received 4 different stops of white mist soft filters, they are white soft filters 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and fantasy filters, of which the fantasy filters have the strongest soft light and the 1/8 has the weakest soft light effect, the main difference between them lies in the strength of the effect of the filters and the degree of light scattering.

A 1/2 white mist soft filter has a relatively strong softening effect; it will soften and beautify elements in the photo more dramatically; it will diffuse light more strongly, creating a very soft, dreamy light effect; it will dramatically reduce contrast in the photo, producing a very even brightness.

The softening effect of the 1/4 White Mist Soft Filter is relatively more centered and lighter than a 1/2 density filter; it will diffuse less light than a 1/2 White Soft Filter, but still create a soft light effect, and the 1/4 White Soft Filter also reduces contrast, but not as dramatically as a 1/2 White Soft Filter.

The 1/8 White Mist Soft Filter has the gentlest, less variable effect, it will scatter relatively little light, creating a slight softening effect, slightly reducing contrast, but having less of an overall effect on the photo.

Finally, there's this fantasy filter, which has the strongest softening effect overall - it's a 2-step upgrade from the White Soft 1/2. Its softening of the image will be even more hazy, and photos taken in backlighting will be self-explanatory, suitable for use in scenes that create a noticeable softening effect and artistic feel.

In the shooting, we can according to the shooting scene and creative style to match the different gears of the white soft filter, in this creation I shot a few groups of comparative pictures, you can see the use of different gears of the white soft shooting the effect of the screen.

The actual shooting effect show

When it comes to French style, we will always associate light and shadow, sense of atmosphere, romance and aesthetics, such as seeing a certain French movie in a leisurely afternoon, warm sunshine, glowing hair ...... When I see such a picture, it always makes people's heart flutter, and this time I tried to realize this imagery on the lawn in the park.

This shoot, in clothing and props I have adopted a retro style, fluffy curls can make the hair glowing effect is more obvious, the sunlight at five o'clock in the afternoon is just right, in order to create a more dreamy feeling, I chose to shoot with a white soft filter, the hazy effect makes the French ambience sense more prominent, with a telephoto lens as dreamy as a mirage.

Next, let's take a look at a few sets of French-style comparison images I shot with the help of the White Soft filter, and see what the visual effect of different stops of the White Soft rendered.

In this comparison image, it is obvious that the light coming through the window is melted away like cream, and the light becomes softer and more even.

Moreover, the use of the White Soft Filter reduces strong shadows and highlights, preventing overexposure, and creating a soft, natural light effect that looks dreamlike, with an 80's movie-style atmosphere.

As you can see in the picture, the White Soft Filter effectively reduces blemishes and fine lines on the skin, making the skin tone look more even and smooth.

The effect of the White Soft Filter helps to add a sense of portraiture to a photo, making people look warmer and more attractive, which is great for shooting weddings, portraits, fashion and close-ups of people.

Finally, when you look at this set of comparison images taken in an outdoor scene, you can see that the White Soft Filter is able to add a soft layer of brightness to the photo, making the whole picture look bright and not harsh.

Moreover, the White Soft Filter is able to create a dreamy bokeh effect when shooting outdoors in sunny light, focusing on the people and creating a romantic, soft atmosphere that makes the photo more emotional.


This content creation from: Photographer Bai Su

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