How a computer guy became a photographer with a love of documentation

How a computer guy became a photographer with a love of documentation

BY : H&YFilter

I used to be a computer-addicted geek, always soaking in the game in my spare time, and gradually realized that the virtual world could not bring me happiness, and life seemed to lack something.

So I began to try to develop a skill to divert attention, learning to record the beauty of what I had missed, but also specially purchased the first camera in my life, and also enrolled in many photography courses on the Internet for self-study, and found the charm of photography in learning and practicing, and slowly stepped into the door of photography.


I chose the H&Y filter mainly because I was attracted by its magnetic suction feature, which makes my shooting process easier and more efficient.

I use H&Y's Magnetic ND Filte kit. During my regular shooting outings, I often need to change filters in different gears for testing, and the traditional filter disassembly is quite cumbersome. H&Y's Magnetic ND Filter Kit has revolutionized this, greatly simplifying my pre-shooting process and time.


Photography has opened up a whole new world for me, it has brought me out of the virtual abyss and allowed me to really feel and observe the real world.

Photography has allowed me to witness the wonders of nature. I used to be a geek who had no perception of the real world, but now I have become a photographer who can observe, understand and appreciate the subtleties of the world, such as the changes in the phases of the moon, the angle of the sun, and the ebb and flow of the tides, which I had never noticed before.

As I gained experience in photography, I began to make a name for myself in the photography circle, and some photography teams invited me to be a leader or instructor to lead more friends interested in photography to explore the beauty of Wuhan.

Photography has also brought me a lot of unexpected opportunities, as some brands started to approach me for cooperation and invited me to shoot for their products or events. Overall, photography has opened up a whole new world for me, transforming me from a geek to a photographer who loves to explore and document.



On the way of photography, the most unforgettable is to go to the top of the plateau at an altitude of 4,000 meters to shoot, I overcame the difficulties of lack of oxygen, to capture the magnificent moments of the sunset Jinshan.

Or when I went to Hailing Island in summer to photograph the sea, I walked into the sea water, the waves gently lapped over my calf sinking, and I felt the gentleness and vastness of nature. Or when I'm photographing the stars, I drive to a dark field in the middle of the night and I shoot by the light of the moon, capturing the mystery and beauty of the night through my lens.

All these experiences have become indelible memories in my life, and what I cherish most is every journey in the company of my friends, where we witnessed the magnificence and magic of nature together.


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