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H&Y Swift Magnetic Square Filter Mount System Outdoor Travel Photography

Filter for landscape photography is an extremely important accessory, with a suitable and handy filter can play a half-hearted effect on the pre-shooting, and reduce the workload of the latter.

As a photographer who mainly shoots urban landscapes, it is a challenge to shoot in the ever-changing weather; when I encounter a superb sunset, I find that I have already missed the best time when I install the filters and get ready to shoot, so a set of fast and convenient filter system is crucial for me.

As a contracted photographer of H&Y Filters, I was lucky to receive the Swift 3rd Generation Magnetic Mount System Kit from HY Filters, and after using it for a period of time, I found that it is exactly the convenient and fast filter system I want.

First look at the appearance of the product together, fixed aperture catch ring + bridge ring + square filter bracket are aluminum alloy CNC process, the surface of the black anodized coloring treatment, 2 square lens with B270 optical glass + multi-layer NANO nano-coating, the edge is also protected by magnetic adhesive strips, the entire system of magnetic-to-magnetic adsorption, magnetism is very strong, the installation of a solid, easy to load and unload.

1, the installation of the lens adapter ring: select the appropriate size of the lens adapter ring, because each lens has its fixed lens size, select the corresponding adapter ring for installation needs to be manually screwed to the lens.

2, the installation of the bridge ring: this component is with a magnetic suction function, is with the adapter ring and the lens of the intermediate components, up a paste can be adsorbed.

3, the installation of magnetic square bracket: the same just adsorption can be affixed to the bracket on the front of the screw knob to lock the position of the square mirror, the back of the groove, to assist the strong magnetic suction alignment, to prevent vibration loosening.

4, the final installation of the corresponding square filter can be, adsorption can be affixed, in order to prevent falling can also tighten the screw knob bayonet.

5, the final installation effect is presented, you can superimpose multiple filters to meet different shooting scenarios.

The overall structure of this set of filters, although more, but due to the use of magnetic function design, installation is not a problem, and in order to facilitate the use of other scenarios, you can bridge ring, square bracket, filters in advance suction, use directly magnetic suction in the lens on the top of the adapter ring can be, which for the scramble of the landscape photography seems to be very convenient and trouble-free.

This set of filter system in the nd scrim is mainly used to lengthen the shutter time, long exposure and other shots, this shooting test is mainly selected from the lake, running water and smoke long exposure effect, as follows.

As you can see by using the nd1000 to lengthen the shutter time of the shot, the ripple-filled lake surface instantly flattens out, making the image look cleaner.

For sunset and sunset scenes with large light ratio, if you don't use filters to shoot normally, then often either the sky is overexposed, or the landscape is dark, to get a balanced photo of the light ratio in most cases you need to shoot a number of photos with different exposure values for the exposure synthesis, which is more troublesome.

This is when the Graduated Filter comes into its own. Graduated filters from the gradient form can be divided into soft gradient and hard gradient, "soft" that is, the transition range is larger, and vice versa, that is, the transition range is smaller. Common GND graduated filters for 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, the larger the gear, the stronger the effect of light reduction, according to the environment to choose the right gear.

Through the above sample image comparison can be seen, the use of sgnd0.9 samples of the sky highlights part of a good suppression, the level of clouds is also very rich.

In the actual shooting, the gradient lens and the light reducing lens can be very good with the use of, for example, this kind of light is particularly strong long exposure shooting, simple use of a piece of nd1000 filter exposure time is not very sufficient, nd64 and nd1000 stacked then exposure time is too long;

So you can consider using the combination of gradient mirror + scrim, which can guarantee the right shutter time, but also can suppress the sky's highlights, is a very perfect match.


1, the whole set of filter system, although more construction, but the use of quite easy to get started, especially the magnetic design saves a lot of time, very convenient and quick.

2, the overall production process is high, aluminum alloy CNC process makes the bracket system weight within the appropriate range, and durable, the shape is also aesthetic.

3, the filter organizer bag can put the whole set of products, very convenient, greatly reducing the risk of loss and damage to the bracket system components.


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