Why Choose H&Y Round Magnetic Filter Collection is a must-have filter for traveling on the road?

Why Choose H&Y Round Magnetic Filter Collection is a must-have filter for traveling on the road?

I received H&Y Filter's Landscape Three Musketeers filter set during my summer vacation, which is magnetically designed, lightweight and slim, and super easy to install and remove.

I got this set of 4 filters, including: ND64 Filter + ND1000 Filter+ GND Filter+ CPL Filter, etc., just next have some out of the shooting trip, so this set of filters became my summer travel to shoot landscapes works of the perfect assistant.

This set of filters is very lightweight and stylish, ultra-thin design can be stacked without dark corners, the thickness of a piece of filter is only 1.5mm-1.8mm, which often go out to shoot the scenery of the photographer, this set of filters is really a set of time-saving, and go out to carry filters can be loaded into the organizer bag, does not take up space, but also effective protection of the filters. h and y

The magnetic design of this set of filters allows for quick installation and removal, and also avoids the emergence of the filters screwed up, and also allows for quick stacking and replacement of filters, greatly improving the efficiency of shooting.

It is thin and light, but also durable, waterproof and anti-scratch optical glass material can enhance the service life of the filter, reduce the chances of filter damage, filters using multi-layer MRC coating makes the light has a high transmission rate, improve the image quality of shooting.

Next, let's take a look at some of my shooting experiences with the H&Y Landscape Three Musketeers series of filters.

First, let's talk about the CPL filter, which can eliminate the reflection of non-metallic surfaces such as water surface to a certain extent, and restore the texture and color saturation of the picture itself.

I was in Jinan Baotu in the shoot, have used the CPL filter, which can effectively eliminate reflections from the water surface, and can optimize the saturation and contrast of the shooting picture, so that the shooting out of the picture has a more realistic sense.

Secondly, the Three Musketeers filter series in the ND64 and ND1000 Filter, we all know that the function of the nd mirror is to reduce the amount of light into the camera, and nd gear of the different shooting effects are also different, the need for photographers to shoot the scene according to the creative ideas to choose the appropriate gear.

The difference between the two is that the use of the ND64 enables the formation of silk-like effects on running water, waves, etc.; while the ND1000 is able to achieve long exposures, so that the clouds and water in the picture form a fog-like effect, which greatly expands the photographer's creative ideas.

The magnetic design and versatile mounting of the H&Y filter allows me to switch between two different nd stops very flexibly to choose the most suitable nd stop for different shooting scenes.

Finally, talking about is the GND gradient mirror, its role is to be able to softly gradient balance the light ratio, to achieve a light reduction effect on the regional picture, to achieve the details of the highlights and shadows of the part of the details are effectively preserved.

The gradient effect of this GND filter from HY is very soft, the light excess is very natural, and it can effectively restore the real details and colors of the image, which is a very powerful shooting tool for me when I encounter a large light ratio environment.

During this summer's shooting process, H&Y's Landscape Three Musketeers series of filters has become my very powerful shooting assistant, which has accompanied me to many cities, such as Qingdao, Jinan and Dali, etc., and also helped me create a lot of landscape works, which will be a set of photographic accessories I have to carry on the way of shooting landscapes, and it will also accompany me to create more works of landscape subjects.

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