H&Y RevoRing Variable ND3-1000 camera lens Filter

H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 VND Filter Experience Review

BY : H&YFilter

From August 12-31, I went out for nearly 20 days, went to Liangshan Mountain, traveled to Propsha, took a lot of photos, and held 2 sharing salons offline.

The day before I left Liangshan, I received the latest "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000 Variable ND Filter + Swift Series Magnetic Shade Hopper" set from H&Y, which gave me a good experience on the way to Propacha.

For this trip, I brought "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 CPL + REVORING series monobloc magnetic ND16/ND400, and the new "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000 Variable ND Filter + Swift Series Magnetic Shade Hopper" set.

H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000" Variable ND Filter Comes with Aluminum Magnetic Filter Cover

According to the lens I used, this time it is still 67-82mm adjustable caliber, universal EF 16-35mm and RF85mm.

H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000 Variable ND Filter

Swift Magnetic Bridge Ring for mounting Swift Magnetic Matte Box

The front of the Swift Series Magnetic Matte Box is made of a carbon fiber panel with a thickness of 1.5mm.

With the up and down adjustment of the dial, "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000" can be adjusted steplessly from 3-1000 (MAX), allowing the photographer to control the exposure length by himself, but of course there is one thing to note!




Of course, there is one thing to note: the ultra-wide lens in ND1000 (MAX) will have a cross or X-grain phenomenon, in order to get a long exposure, you need to use with H&Y magnetic ND8 / 16 / 400 or other fixed filters.


Magnets are really cool and convenient, when using ultra-wide lenses or needing longer exposure times, you can add a magnetic ND with the "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000" filter, or you can mount a bracket system to insert the upper lens and so on.



The bridging ring allows the "Swift Series Magnetic Shade Bucket" to be firmly suctioned to the "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000", and the adjusting knob can also be used to adjust the tightness of the shade blades.



Every landscape photographer will be equipped with a set of filters suitable for their own, the development of the filters from the traditional screw-in mounting method upgraded to a convenient and quick magnetic mounting method, greatly saving the cost of purchasing filters and also for the photographer to buy valuable time.


The "H&Y REVORING 2-in-1 ND3-1000 Variable ND Filter + Swift Series Magnetic Shading Hopper" set is not only suitable for landscape photography, but also a good helper for video shooting. Excellent workmanship, multi-layer MRC coating, almost no color difference exists.



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