H&Y EVO - Landscape Filter Kit | Long Exposure Camera Lens Filters

H&Y EVO - Landscape Filter Kit | Long Exposure Camera Lens Filters

For creators of landscape photography, filters are undoubtedly an indispensable tool for capturing the beauty of natural scenery, and H&Y's EVO series of dual-mode mounted filter system is the most powerful assistant on my way out to shoot landscapes.

Recently, I had the honor to experience this latest EVO Series filter system from H&Y, and its innovative 2-in-1 dual-mode design is simply too suitable for photographers' shooting needs. Whether it's through the threaded form or the magnetic way, this filter installation is very convenient and solid, which undoubtedly brings great convenience to the outdoor landscape photography I am keen on.

The set I got is the EVO-series landscape photography kit, which includes: ND1000, ND64, CPL, large storage bag*6 compartments and so on. In order to adapt to the different caliber lenses in my hand, I also chose the RevoRing 67-82mm adjustable adapter ring to carry the 82mm caliber cpl, nd64, nd1000 three filters to meet the needs of the different shooting scenarios I face.

It is worth mentioning that one of the hard shell filter organizer bag with independent compartments is designed to be hard and sturdy. The compartments can organize filters independently without hurting the filters, and can easily hold a full set of filters and adapter rings, and can even hold additional photographic accessories such as air blowers and cleaning cloths.

The mountaineering buckle design is convenient for me to hang it on my backpack or clothes, so that I can access it anytime, anywhere, without having to look for it, and I even hang it on the button and loop of my rushing jacket when I shoot outdoors, which is practical and convenient.

After using this EVO Series filter for a while, its excellent quality, practical functions and lightweight design have given me a very good experience. Now, it has become a must-have for my landscape photography and can perfectly adapt to various shooting scenes.

When I'm out shooting, this set of filters allows me to get twice the results with half the effort. Whether it's using the cpl polarizer to reduce water reflections or the nd filter to show the unique effect of brushed water, it's easy to create beautiful natural landscapes~.

I took this set of filters to many places, Yandang Mountain in Zhejiang, the last Jiangnan secret Lishui Songyang, Pingtan Island in Fuzhou, etc. With the help of the filters, I recorded a lot of strange natural landscapes, and the following is a comparison of the effect of the shots I took with this set of filters.

With the help of EVO Series filters, I can easily realize different creativity and effects in each shooting, and better feel the strange landscape of flowing water like silk and foggy water surface, which makes each of my shoots look different ~



This EVO Series Filter System from H&Y has added a touch of splendor to my photographic journey, allowing me to capture every detail and magical moment of natural beauty in greater depth, and every press of the shutter is a tribute and celebration of the beauty of nature.




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