K Series MRC REVERSE GND Square Filter 1.2 / 4-stop

100 x 150mm Gorilla Glass Filter + Magnetic Filter Frame

Category: K-series 100mm system

Product Code: KR12

Our HD MRC graduated ND filter is created with perfect gradation by vacuum-evaporated coating system. With Corning Gorilla glass, are toughened to reduce the chance of breakages. Furthermore, it is perfect for shooting with wide/tele lense since it is processed by HD system. Through unique coating technique, it hardly makes influence on coloration.

* Made of Corning Gorilla Glass III
* Even and gradual light transmission
* Oil/water-proof & double-sided coatings
* No colour cast
* 100mm x 150mm
* For 100mm K-Series Filter Holder or adapted holders from other brands
* Reduce Exposure in Selective Area
* 9-Layer Multi-Coating
* Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame fitted as standard
* Magnetically Mounts on Holder

* Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Filter Pouch incl.